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  1. Any first person shooter will provide you with practice, really. It's just that so many of them are built upon different game engines and have a different feel to them as a result. If you have some money to spare later down the road, you can grab some FPS games at dirt cheap prices when Steam has one of its massive sales. When you feel like craving more than TF2, I recommend Unreal Tournament 2004 at a discount.
  2. OMG yes, Fallout 1 and 2 are easy on the eyes and full of things to do, and since they are isometric games older than the hills, they should run on just about anything.
  3. My switch to PC from console was a gradual change, nothing directly encouraged me to transition, I just eventually got too spoiled to using Steam lol Maybe it's because I do a poor job of keeping up with my CDs so I enjoyed an all digital library instead, I dunno.
  4. I never cared about pretty lights, my computer is like a Soviet car, ugly as crap and missing some nice-to-haves, but perfectly handles almost everything I throw at it.
  5. I mean, how demanding is Crysis 3, exactly? It's a game made in 2013 with recommended specs suggesting a DX11 card with 1GB of dedicated VRAM. Are people excluding extenuating circumstances like ultra graphic settings? Different websites say a Radeon HD 5870 is recommended but according to UserBenchmark, a GTX 1060 (6GB) beats it in raw speed by a 235% margin. I know not all cards are equal, but otherwise, I can't see the 1060 to be blamed lol