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  1. Hello guys, I just opened my laptop to replace thermal paste and GPU VRMs and VRAMs had a very thick thermal putty instead of thermal pads. I have tried 0.5mm pads and those were too thick, the GPU is ALMOST making contact, probably a 0.3mm pad would do but i can't find that. I have a hard time finding a putty that could do the trick so i was wondering if someone had some putty recommendations OR if it would be possible to use a thicker paste instead? I guess the separation is between 0.1mm to 0.4mm or something like that. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Jurrunio. Would you happen to have any thermal putty recommendations? EDIT: I found some but those look more like clay, this was more like a gum but i guess both would do right? Thanks!
  3. Nope, as you can see on the pictures instead of thermal pads they used some sort of sticky gumlike paste to transfer heat.
  4. Hello guys, About a week ago i purchased an MSI laptop, more specifically: GL63 9SDK-614. Its thermals were horrible, the CPU was hitting 95C under moderate loads so i went ahead and replaced the paste. Now the CPU runs about 10C cooler. Now, the issue i'm facing happened when i had to take the heatsink off. The GPUs VRMs and VRAM were covered on this THICK Gum like blue paste that made contact with the heatsink. It was surprising because i was expecting to see thermal pads instead. The paste job was a mess and by separating the sink most of it was lost so i had to replace it. I tested different pads and only 0.5mm seemed to make good contact with everything, even the GPU core seemed to spread the paste. I went ahead and closed it, tested the CPU and GPU and to my surprise now the GPU overheats. Right after that, i opened the GPU again and noticed that contact between the heatsink and GPU core isn't optimal due to the thickness of the pads (0.5mm). So it seems like my only choice is to find said paste. Now, here's the problem. Normal paste may not do the trick because it wont be dense enough, this thing is like a gum because the separation is somewhere between 0.1mm and 0.4mm which is waay higher than what the GPU Core/Heatsink is. So my only option is to find this blue like gum to be able to solve all my heat issues. Does anyone know where can i find this sort of paste? Here are some reference pics. Thanks in advance!