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  1. Is it possible to mount 120mm fans in the front part of the meshify c (as seen in the picture) and if so, how thick can they be and are there any restrictions.
  2. I'm curious to know if any of you know a vertical gpu mount that will be compatible with my meshify c and 2.5 slot card, without use of mods.
  3. no I wanted to know if it had socket support with my motherboard
  4. My ram is quite short I should be good
  5. Im on a 3930k with an x79 sabertooth mobo will I have support for a dark rock pro 4?
  6. do you know if the rgb would still work on the p400a but just with limited control if I dont have rgb headers on my mobo? Im pretty sure it comes w/ a hub of sorts.
  7. So if im correct, when a mobo has no rgb headers and no hub you get no lights at all or lights with no/limited control?
  8. I am really on the fence right now on which of these cases I want to buy, and with black friday right around the corner I should probably make up my mind soon. Anyone who has had any experience with either of these cases please tell me why you like them and or bought them.
  9. un and re installed drivers on device manager to no avail.
  10. ill try it, and the only reason I installed gaming software was to see if it would work over G hub.
  11. un and re installed logitech gaming software, it wont let me uninstall g hub and all my drivers are up to date.
  12. I proudly own a g pro wireless, but of late I cannot get the g hub software to detect it or logitech gaming software. They were working, but today my pc blue screened and for some reason this caused both of these softwares to stop detecting my mouse. My operating system is windows 64 bit I am running a 680, 3930k oc'd to 4.3ghz 32gb ram and an 800w psu I have latest bios version N/A N/A Thank you for your time.
  13. well, just got on siege today and WMI started going crazy on my cpu. I had been watching youtube up until then with no activity from WMI
  14. Alright thanks for the help, WMI has been been cooling down now
  15. WMI is still using like 25 percent of my cpu, but my cpu is only using 37 percent with idle use like discord and web browsing opposed to 100 percent not too long ago.