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  1. I have a Problem concerning my Internet-Connection I know the problem doesn't lie within the router nor the connecting LAN-Cable because I do have access to the internet on my PC (limited) as well as my Phone (full), but as you can see in the screenshots I dont have access to websites such as Twitch, Spotify, and numerous other pages, as well as theitr corresponding desktop apps. Minecraft is also in the Offline-Mode. But except for this I can use Google, Youtube, and Minecraft.net and am writing this Topic on my PC as well. A speed-test showed I am able to watch one HD-Video without problems. So could someone please help me solve this problem? Thanks in advance!
  2. I fixed it by exchanging the PSU, thanks for the answers and sry for the late answer from my side!
  3. Okay... And could this be caused by bad wiring inside the computer?
  4. So do I need a new one fast or should I be able to use it rtaher normal until I get a new PSU?
  5. Is there some way to fix? If not, what is the cause and if yes, how? Thanks for the answer
  6. Just found a typo myself... "doesn't"
  7. Recently I had problems with my PC always turning off as soon as I start any game that needs a little bit... More... saying, Power Surges had been detected... And this 'more' starts with Minecraft Vanilla, which should be a game that I could even play modded not so long ago. I read a few threads and one just said to turn off ASUS Anti-Power Surge, because it soesn't work well. So I did just this and installed HWMonitor and started Minecraft unmodded. While doing so I observed the stats in HWMonitor and didn't see any drastic changes, but I still wanted to ask whether these statistics are normal or whether I should buy a new Power Supply Unit... English isn't my mother language so sorry for grammatical mistakes or typos °-° Thanks for any replies!