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  1. PC Helper_Buyer

    Microphone and Webcam

    Hello! I need a cheap Webcam and Microphone. I'm looking at £100. I've found a here are the links to the Amazon Products. Microphone Webcam If its not good enough please put a Prime Product link that is a UK LINK not US Amazon UK here is a shortcut to the Amazon UK link. If you can help it would be greatly appretiated! Enjoy your day!
  2. PC Helper_Buyer

    Google Stadia

    Yeah that will fit the devices for me thank you for the help!
  3. PC Helper_Buyer

    Google Stadia

    Just looked at the video! So its going on all Devices or did I hear that wrong? Anyways, do we have specs on the Google Stadia yet?
  4. PC Helper_Buyer

    Google Stadia

    Thats all you said
  5. PC Helper_Buyer

    Google Stadia

  6. PC Helper_Buyer

    Google Stadia

    Is it on PC or is it a Concole?
  7. PC Helper_Buyer

    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 128GB (i5)

    Is this a good gaming tablet for ROBLOX?
  8. PC Helper_Buyer

    Fortnite PC

    This is a Prebuilt Section. Not a section for parts.
  9. PC Helper_Buyer

    Fortnite PC

    Lowest I can get Mostly £650 and from England
  10. PC Helper_Buyer

    Fortnite PC

    I would like a PC for Fortnite. I have a bit of money for the computer. I would like to get the lowest price as I can with High Settings enabled. No massive fps drops just a Smooth game for a good price.
  11. PC Helper_Buyer


    Would Avast be good for an Anti-Virus?
  12. PC Helper_Buyer

    Old OS's.

    Thank you for the welcome aswell!
  13. PC Helper_Buyer

    Old OS's.

    Thank you for the Help.
  14. PC Helper_Buyer

    Old OS's.

    ADMI Item Weight 8.2 Kg Package Dimensions 61 x 50 x 42 cm Manufacturer reference AD-6600-GO-24-7 Color Black with Green LED Processor Brand AMD Processor Type 68030 Processor Speed 3.80 GHz Processor Count 4 RAM Size 8 GB Memory Technology DDR4 SDRAM Computer Memory Type DIMM Hard Drive Size 240 GB Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA Graphics Coprocessor AMD Radeon R7 Graphics Card Description AMD R7 Optical Drive Type None Hardware Platform PC Operating System Windows 7 (I want to run)
  15. PC Helper_Buyer

    Old OS's.

    Would an Old OS run on New hardware?