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    AMD RYZEN 5 1600
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    Gigabyte AB350M
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    Kingston Hyper X Fury 8GB DDR4 PC4-19200 2400MHz CL15
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  1. All good, dont worry be happy
  2. Bro 6Gb and 3Gb require same power supply 400W recommended by NVIDIA, real consumption is around 120W under load
  3. Just better GTX 1060 6GB, because 3GB is not enough in 2020 and 6GB version is better value, either way with 3GB will get much more fps then GTX 1050TI just cant push much textures which is important. There some games like Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Mortal Kombat 11, Tomb Raiders which require plenty of ram even 6Gb not enough if push to max texture?
  4. Will hold it back but not much is 15% bottleneck and he said will buy i7 2600 which much better. Even with all bottleneck he will get much better fps I am sure like I said at least 20fps more overall in most demanding games
  5. I see many people suffer buying low Watts, more power not mean better yes but if consider that price range is always better
  6. Not gonna see more performance......., do you think GTX 1060 is some kind of monster and are you aware of GTX 1050Ti how bad performs, I guarantee at least 20 fps more in most games, simple example:
  7. If your supply manage those watts is ok NVIDIA recommend 400W and GTX 1650 Super recommend 350W no bother but more GB ram is better at least can push texture more 3Gb is not very good choice unless is much more cheap, I was have GTX 1060 3Gb is good videocard but cant push textures always
  8. Is worthy upgrade but look for GTX 1060 6GB specially if plan to get i7 2600, GTX 1060 give almost twice of performance of GTX 1050TI, will not be big bottleneck https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060/intel-core-i5-2400-3-10ghz/ and when get i7 2600 will be even better . Depend on what price plan get this GTX 1060 otherwise good variant is GTX 1650 Super also. I think that is best choice because newer cards are more optimized for today gaming
  9. With this graphics card is pointless upgrade in my view, will be big time bottleneck, GTX 1050TI not good in 2020 at all, better save money and buy whole new computer later, wait next gen AMD or Intel who will come out later this year
  10. Good if you was mention your PC stats, but 12GB enough for 1080p gaming, there is no game who require more then 12GB if not multitasking.16GB is better to be carefree but if your system not good enough 12GB is ok
  11. Ukyo82


    If consider between those graphics, suggest RX 570 is the winner even those videocard is not futureproof but get that, dont think twice is best of them and worthy for such money
  12. If consider between this 3 if I was you getting Zalman ZM700 TX , more power always better even any of those will do the job, your system not require much
  13. You are right here benchmark perform almost same and this is not under big work cloud, not much stuff happen on video also graphics card same 30-40% load. I guess best is play on max is waste play on low since almost same performance as max
  14. If was on max settings I guess is okay, But what happen to you is pretty strange because your CPU is not bad, try on max settings see what fps getting
  15. I don't think stop it is good choice in first place specially if they run default(newer card got this fan rest in general), like they said use software for that, specific for your graphics card can check your maker's site or with MSI Afterburner but think better with original software for your card. I was have before actually opposite problem my graphics card fans not turn on till some degrees, my previous graphics was Gigabyte GTX 1060 and new Gigabyte RTX 2060 Super both of them fan doesnt turn on default till 59 C, in begin I was think my 1060 is broken or some like that 59 is way too high to then start because later when already so hot they cant manage to cool it down and temperature go way over 70. But since I am aware of that I put some manual set up to start after 45(much more reasonable), this temperature my graphics not reach on idle or internet surfing and everything is very good this way, rare even reach 70, beside this weird Gigabyte set ups I am very happy with them