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  1. I’m booting now in current system from another gen3 nvme, I did not changed settings for it as I remember. Is there anything specific I should do?
  2. When I once chose already partitioned one it said something about EFI and cannot proceed.
  3. I know, I just delete them after reboot and tried again on empty "unallocated".
  4. So Just installed Sabre 1TB PCI Ex4 in Asus X570 Hero, latest bios, shown in bios and Windows, tested speeds worked ok. Rebooted, booted from USB, chose partition and when windows should start copying files its stuck on 0% and display message that windows cannot continue install and process should be restarted. tried 3 times, it always creates extra partitions (which I delete before initiating install and choose unallocated space). Is there some bios setting or something else I should do to make this work?
  5. It was too high even for 3900X, esp on load. First I suspected there was bad contact with cooler, open case and start laughing when noted cooler orientation:)
  6. Cool post some pics of your mods! Yeah drill 2 holes at back to make better cable management, also made custom power on module, so need combination to set to turn on pc, this is why removed one at top. Made side window and used part of it to make small PSU shroud. I modded GPU shroud bend middle part a bit.
  7. My 10 year Noctua fans was marked bit differently and I assumed those on cooler follow same pattern. Now double checking markings and flow directions.
  8. Yes bingo! Mounted cooler facing 180 and on intake. While case was open initial tests and temps looked normal. Once closed 60C on idle and 85 on load I get alarmed
  9. Yeah its quite a dinosaur case and system. Upgraded fist time 12 years later.
  10. If you can note mistake I’ve made there or I will post later what I’ve done.
  11. Posting this in case someone will do same stupid mistake. I’ve noted it only after closing case and start stressing system.
  12. Ok made upgrade. Did not updated bios yet. Noted CPU vcore is 1.44V. Its too high right? Any guide for optimal bios settings? Not planning overlock, just stable system.
  13. 3900X zNeo 4x16 3600 cas16 Asus ROG 570 hero Noctua U12A Motherboard will arrive tomorrow. What should I pay attention? 1 Question - Should I update BIOS and install CPU, Memory, OS later or vice versa?