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  1. I really think they are not planning on upgrading the CPU anytime soon. She has been using the same PC for 6 years. Today she said she wanted a PC she could use for 10 years. I crushed her fantasy, telling her that wouldnt happen. But if they dont buy a dedicated GPU now, they might buy it in the future if she ends up needing it. That is why i asked how important is the iGPU/GPU for those software packages. The way i see it if they go for the i5 they will have 6 cores which is decent future proof for them. And they can get a dedicated GPU if they realize they need it. The Ryzen 3400G has a considerable better iGPU, no doubt. If you wont buy a dedicated graphics and you need a GPU then that is the way to go. But do they need it? They wont be gaming, nor 3D rendering. The 4 cores are scarying me a bit. They might try to squish this rig for 5+ years and i dont know how many years will 4 cores be able to stand. And if they end up buying a dedicated GPU, then the i5 9400 would've been a better option because faster cores and more cores. Damn if there would be a 2600G i would go for that one. I mean, they wont upgrade the CPU in the next 5 years and the AM4 upgradability wont be relevant then. I do care about the AM4 upgradability because i know i will upgrade my CPU in the next year or second year, but i am pretty sure they wont.
  2. I dont think they will upgrade anytime soon. I would, they wouldnt.
  3. Performance being similar isnt like best case scenario for 4c, 8t?
  4. I am building this for my gf's mother on a tight budget. She is going to mostly use corel draw and autocad. Some light photoshop usage (removing backgrounds, basic stuff). Her current build: Intel i3 4130 RAM 4GB HDD. Dedicated GPU: ??? I am not sure there is a dedicated GPU, they say there is but there are no drivers and the PC is definetely not detecting it. But i didnt open the PC yet. We were looking for a Ryzen 3400G (less cores, better iGPU) or i5 9400 (more cores, worse iGPU). I dont know which is better for this kind of usage. The i5 9400 is 70us more expensive. According to her she sometimes uses 7GB files on Corel Draw so i was looking at 16GB RAM (minimum 12GB) with upgradability in mind (so 2x8GB). No shit she had problems with Corel Draw on her 4GB RAM PC. SSD: Crucial BX500 or Kingston A400. HDD: Got to check. Motherboard: Cheap. Depends on CPU and availability. PSU: I have to check decent PSU's in the local shop. I think her budget is too tight for a dedicated graphics card. But i am prioritizing SSD and more RAM over GPU. I am not sure if those programs would benefit more from higher core count or better iGPU. Maybe i am missing something here. I appreciate advices. Not from USA. I have to deal with the crappy local market.
  5. The G24C also has a 1800R curve.
  6. Anybody that owns this monitor or could get your hands on it? I am interested on how was the ghosting and gsync compatibility. Any useful information. I couldnt find any decent reviews on this monitor.
  7. I think you missunderstood my question. I edited it to make it more clear. That is the end goal but that will happen in a year maybe. For now i want to buy a display and i dont know if it having a headphone jack is a feature i should look for (it would be more comfortable for sure because my case is quite far and the headphone cable is short). But if the sound quality is worse then it is not worth it.
  8. Do monitors have headphones jack with good sound quality (to plug the headphones) or is better to just keep your headphones plugged to your case (no dedicated sound card).
  9. Thanks for the advice but my choice is between this 2 based on where i live and my current budget. The 241C is not available here.
  10. I want to buy a 144Hz monitor to pair with my RTX 2060. Have you seen or own one of them? Can you comment anything on one of these monitors? I'll probably use it with FreeSync (Gsync Compatible). What about ghosting, colour and tearing? Do you recommend one over the other? The samsung is a little bit cheaper. I cant find reviews on the Samsung LC24RG50FQLXZS.
  11. Turns out i am a crappy builder and some cables were touching one of the GPU's coolers. Moved the cables and no more sound. I got to improve in cable management.
  12. Asian brand. The thing is they dont start until the drivers get partially installed. The card is recognized properly.
  13. I just assembled my first build and installed Windows. Ryzen 2600X, B450 Tomahawk and iGame RTX 2060. Everything was smooth. I start windows and start installing things. Windows pops a message that it is installing stuff. OK. After some time the GPU goes crazy. I see Nvidia Control Panel appearing on the side (windows installed it, not me). Tried restarting, the instant windows appears on the screen the fans go like crazy. Reinstalled windows. Again, no noise. Installed Geforce Experience. Control panel installed by windows, noise again. I remove everything but Geforce Experience (even drivers), no more noise. Tried installing drivers from iGame page, not only the installation fails but by 60% the fans kick again. According to HWInfo GPU Temp 28C. GPU FAN0 1100 RPM.
  14. Ryzen 2600 + RTX 2060 + B450 Tomahawk I have 2 Noctua fans for intake. The cases i am looking at are: Cougar MX330 Thermaltake Versa N21 Aerocool Cylon Pro RGB Cougar Turret I am looking for something with good airflow. Any advise on which one to get?