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    The Hive
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    Overclocking, Enthusiast Builds, Making sure that I get the absolute best of the best (not healthy for my wallet)
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    i9-9900K 5.0GHz
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    Corsair RGB Pro 32Gb @ 3200
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    Asus ROG Strix OC Gaming RTX 2080 TI
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    Some massive water cooling to compensate for uh... my poor part selection
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Right when I decided on the Alienware flagship ultrawide for my monitor. That being said, why TF did Asus decide to use a VA panel? Sure, it's got better contrast than IPS, and can hit a higher refresh rate for cheaper, but this is a bloody $2500 monitor we're talking about! Surely Asus could get an IPS panel (I would settle for 165 Hz or something like that). On top of that, They could have done a little bit more in the way of that halo glow, yikes.
  2. Recently, I've been scoping out the best high-refresh rate, G-Sync, 1440p, ultrawide, IPS monitor, with a lower-than 5ms response time. And so far, I've only really seen two monitors that deliver all of those, are the Acer Predator x34, and the Dell Alienware AW3418DW. A lot of reviews of the latter, they have acknowledged the Predator, however, have almost all mentioned that the 120hz (overclocked) refresh rate of the Alienware is right on the money, for buttery-smooth gameplay, whereas the Predator feels irritatingly almost there, but not quite. I'd like to hear what you guys think!
  3. Zaphryx

    What is your sexuality?

    Mega straight (though my girlfriend keeps telling me I'm gay, what do I do?) All jokes aside, lesbian.
  4. Zaphryx

    Rainbows Make It Go Fast ...Right?

    Do you know of any ultrawide's with IPS, G-sync, and HDR10? All I can find is a ludicrously overpriced 4k one from ROG, and it's not even ultrawide's.
  5. Zaphryx

    Rainbows Make It Go Fast ...Right?

    No, it's not. 4k would be great, but I am perfectly fine with 1440p.
  6. Zaphryx

    my rig : 3

    Oh wow! Sweet monitor! If I wasn't so much into larger ultrawides, I'd probably end up buying that for my upcoming build(s). Rainbows Make It Go Fast and Rainbows Make It Go Fast 2.0
  7. Zaphryx

    my rig : 3

    What monitor? Can you link it, please?
  8. Well, from what I've heard along the grapevine, the TUF gaming line QC can be a bit spotty, but if that's the difference between a 1650 and a 1660ti, I would highly recommend the TUF. Make sure it has a display that can output higher than 60hz, and preferably IPS.
  9. Zaphryx

    my rig : 3

    Mmm... I'd be doubtful on it comparing to a 1080 ti. Unless you've got a substantial overclock on that FE, it's going to be closer to a 1080. Still, good news on that 4k 60!
  10. Zaphryx

    my rig : 3

    Nope, it's set to static green, without some hardware modifications. May I ask why you went with a FE, instead of a board partner card? The other cards are factory-overclocked, and generally cheaper. (Although, I'm not familiar with the 2060, my expertise lies in the 2080 TI).
  11. Zaphryx

    my rig : 3

    I'd say it looks quite good!
  12. Zaphryx

    Rainbows Make It Go Fast ...Right?

    Any you can recommend with a good refresh rate and G-Sync?
  13. Zaphryx

    my rig : 3

    I hope you've been good and overclocked that processor!
  14. Zaphryx

    Best RGB Static Pressure Fans

    So, you're saying to just buy LL fans?
  15. Hi! I'm on the lookout for static pressure fans, with heaps and heaps of ARGB. Preferably, well thought-out, and well-placed RGB, like Corsair's LL series. Unfortunately, my loops uses both 360 and 420 rads, so I need any suggested fans to be available in both 140mm and 120mm variants. Thank you!