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  1. I do some pc flipping and I have more of these cards. So it does not matter that much if it is broken.
  2. Tried the gpu with 3 different computers. Also i switched the cables 3 times every different type of cable. And I tried a monitor and a tv. So most likely it is the gpu. Thanks for helping everybody.
  3. I tried install drivers but after reboot i saw the splash screen and then it did not give any signal. Displayport and dvi are not working, only hdmi is working. I flashed the vbios and that did not make any difference either. I think it is an old mining card since the bracket where you screw it in the case is really bent. I also took the card apart and cleaned it very well and changed thermal paste. This also did not make a difference. I think this card is death. I don't want to bake it in an oven because it might damage it more.
  4. My rx 470 is giving these stripes in the screen. I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone who has the same problem, or better a solition. It boots into windows. And in the bios the stripes are also there. Maybe a gpu bios update? Thanks for helping.
  5. And how can I boot in safe mode. Thanks for helping me out here.
  6. I did not install any videodrivers for the gt 710. But is it possible that the drivers are the problem. Beacause I can still see my mouse moving on the screen.
  7. When I turn on my pc it worked until today. Today I booted the pc and them I see a black screen but I am able to move the mouse on the screen. Does anybody know what problem this is and how to fix it. Pc is stock, no upgrades were made. I already read on the internet that it might be a secure boot problem. But I do not know much about it. Thanks for helping me.