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Right Side Gone

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    Music & Technology . Left & Right.
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    I love \/
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    A fat 92 core Pussy
  • Motherboard
    Oh just lay'r on that rock ye' thatll do it
  • RAM
    27.3GB DDR9
  • GPU
    Gods eye
  • Case
    A crusty pair of granny panties keeps my rig looking fresh.
  • Storage
    Gotta 19tb usb flash drive with windows vista!
  • PSU
    Oh u already know i got that potato wired up via outlet and two wires.
  • Display(s)
    2.1 inch 144hz tn panel
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    Currently paying some 3 year old to blow on it.
  • Keyboard
    Dunno. Its beige
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    Vista ya hard me

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  1. Right Side Gone

    Best laptop for under 500 USD?

    As long as ypure not gaming on it, its fine. But honestly you could probably find a better deal.
  2. Right Side Gone

    Electrical Smell PSU

    Its weird because it happened at the start menu. Nothing was being ran. I put my nose directly onto the psu vent and took a whiff. Nothing really. But when i back up i smell it. Honestly i think its the surge protector but i cant really tell because it hardly happens. Ill have to look again to see if its specd just to be sure. If it was tge protector, how would that translate into the psu making a noise? Not getting enough power? Also do you happen to know if a capacitor makes noise when it charges? Honestly i just wanna rule out the psu being the problem. Its been months so i doubt its the cause . Ill try different cables.
  3. Right Side Gone

    Best laptop for under 500 USD?

    Honestly man buy a Used laptop locally on facebook or craiglist. Run benchmarks to ensure it works. Youll get way better bang for your buck and get a fairly decent gpu as well. Ask about and check the temps to. Also that it holds charge.
  4. Try changing your dns server on the router. Use a manual one. I recommend trying opendns. Its completely free. Hopefully that fixes your issue, if not report back ill see what else i can come up with.
  5. Right Side Gone

    Electrical Smell PSU

    So basically I acquired a Rosewill capstone 650w 80+ gold a few months back. I got it from someone i trust however i have no clue how much its been used. When i first used the system i could here a sizzle/crackle coming from it. Followed by what could only be described as an electrical smell, or a rubber like smell. It stopped after about 30 seconds each time it occurred. Eventually it stopped doing this altogether. But thinking back i did switch the extension cord & surge protector. But i switched back and have not gotten that problem since anyways. I just got it again today when i moved the surge protector to the floor while system was running. The sound came for about 30 seconds followed bt the smell. There are zero sparks coming from the system . everytime thid has happened zero damage occured and like i said its been months now. Does anyone have any clue what this could be? Ive smelled a similar smell coming from a weak flimsy extension cable before, but i am currently using a thick heavy duty extension cable tbat leads into mt surge protector. Everything does have the ground prong as well. All answers are apprexuate but please, no basic google ones. Ive already read all of it and it doesnt seem to correlate. Could it be my surge protector? Its old but im pretty damn sure its specd for this.
  6. Right Side Gone

    Anyone Have Origin Access?

    Ah I just noticed that message. That sucks haha. How long has that been going on for?
  7. Right Side Gone

    Anyone Have Origin Access?

    Hey boys, Origin Access has a special promotion going on where you can refer your friends to join origin access, you simply just send them a link (I believe) and they will get a 7 day free trial. If anyone feels nice enough to refer me id appreciate it. It costs nothing to you and would allow me to try it out before dedicating it. Planning on getting premier . If anyone does please reply. Thanks boys.
  8. Right Side Gone

    Thinking of "upgrading" from 1070ti to a RTX 2070

    I mean if you can find one at a reasonable price, & you sell your 1070ti to recoup most of the cost id say its worth it. As long as it seems worth it to you, go for it. I mean on the other hand its not a huge performance upgrade for 200 + bucks.
  9. Right Side Gone

    GTA "Survive the HUNT"

    This is an amazing game mode. It aucks its so hard to find 10 players to play with. Honestly the very best made up mode ive ever seen in my life.
  10. Right Side Gone


    Check your connection.
  11. Right Side Gone

    Router Filter Causing Insane Lag

    Basically i was hit with an error after updating fortnite that i was blocked due to firewall issue. I forwarded ports and issue was gone. Few hours later i forwarded apex ports, and returning to fortnite i get incredibly unplayable stuttering whenever i encounter enemy players. At first i thought it was a port issue. But after turning of ident port 113 filter, the problem is gone. The issue is ident 113 is enabled for security purposes. Leaving disabled troubles me, as it affects my entire network .not just my gaming computer. I am using wifi connected to a linksys smart wifi router. I have never had an issue on fortnite with any other machine. I have never needed to forward any ports at all. Leaving ident enabled causes stutters ad mentioned, but also halts texture rendering and causes polygon like building for a minute or two. Whuch is completely internet related with fortnite. That im certain of. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Right Side Gone

    Port Forwarding Help

    Wi-Fi, but i have always been connected via wifi. Drivers are up to date. I might make a nee post to see if anyone might know or have an idea. Its uncomfortable leaving ident off.
  13. Right Side Gone

    Port Forwarding Help

    Any idea why ident is causing this lag? I have played fortnite on my other machine and never had these errors. Also as i said it originally worked when i forwarded the ports the first time, and a few hours later i forwarded the ports for apex and when i returned to fortnite it started to become unplayable when encountering enemy players.
  14. Right Side Gone

    Port Forwarding Help

    I did check that it did not change. I didnt think theyd change for no reason, but i checked anyway. It usually is no problem for fortnite. However i solved it. Its extremely weird this happened randomly. I have never had to mess with these settings before. But i disabled filter ident port 113 and its way better now. If anyone knows whys that helped im curious to know
  15. Right Side Gone

    Port Forwarding Help

    Basically everytime Im encoutering enemy players the stutter gets insane and its utterly unplayable. Ive mever had to port forward before on this router. But today i have. I updated fortnite and was hit with an error when joining a game, i added the ports required and it was gone. I jumped with no lag whatsoever throughout the entire game. Now, several hours later, the problem is back. Im almost positive its the ports. UpNp is enabled. Ipv4 & 6 firewall enabled. Ipsec, pptp, and l2tp passthroughs are enabled. Filter anonymous requests are enabled, filter ident (port 113) enabled. I have a linksys smart wifi router dual band im connecting to wireslessly. I have used my devices ip when forwarding necessary ports. Its extremely annoying and only happens om fortnite. I can be fine most of the time but as soon as i encouter an enemy it starts to stutter horrendously. Its unplayable and a terrible experience.