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  1. F___M

    Gsync Module

    the monitor has a 3 year warranty. if you are within that, call asus.
  2. is the monitor display port, or are you adapting dvi or vga to display port? Is the input on the monitor itself set to display port?
  3. download etcher. small, simple, fast iso to usb. 16G usb will work instead of the 256.
  4. RMA the defective monitor directly to AOC.
  5. biggest concern is voltage the stick you have in 1.2v. are yu unable to buy online? if you can just look up CT8G4DFD8213. lots of places to buy. make sure whatever you buy is 1.2v.
  6. That is the answer all right in 8 and 10. but as you stated, after running dism, you MUST run sfc to complete the repair.
  7. are you running windows 8 or 10?
  8. start over. one more time. remove all partitions. click next.
  9. ok. did you say that the bios is current?
  10. on asus press escape for boot menu if you do not want to set bios to boot uefi usb first, then you can choose the boot media.
  11. was the ssd new? If it was, plug back in the usb and set bios to boot from usb. start setup, delete all partitions from the target ssd and click next, let windows setup copy the files and please remove the usb on the first reboot. Do not partition or format the ssd, let windows setup handle all disk operations.
  12. ram is a2 b2. make sure the usb is unplugged and only use 1 stick of ram. make sure it is clipped securely into a2.
  13. list> processor. (are temps normal?) ram and config (example= 2X 8G) SSD type graphics card