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  1. Yes is this not possible? I already have the monitors
  2. Hi need suggestions on a build. I have been waiting for the new Navi and zen 2 to come out because I was told to do so and have. Now that they have come out I am lost on what to get? My setup will mostly be used for schooling, machine learning, and gaming/streaming. I can use the whole budget on the tower for I already have two monitors (144hz and 60hz) and mouse and keyboard (Corsair ironclad and ducky one 2 mini) Any Suggestion are helpful
  3. I think I may get the ryzen 2600 (150 euros) or the ryzen 7 1700 (150 euros) both have similar prices. This will be paired with a rtx 2060 or gtx 1070 not sure yet. What would you recommend? I am willing to spend a bit more for something that is better of course, and I do know that the new 7nm chips are coming out soon so I can expect price drops i imagine. My computer is going to be used for streaming/gaming, and machine learning. Would an intel chip be more beneficial to me for machine learning?
  4. Sorry I have lied it is 4. If I keep doing more people see it. yes?
  5. Saved up €1500 since my school start and am going to start my first build (budget has to include dual monitor so more like €1200) Mostly going to be used for light machine learning (Keras, Tensorflow, etc) and of course gaming/stream . Just need as many tips as I can get.
  6. First pc needed mostly for machine learning. I have around €1500 any recommend is greatly appreciated. Going to be using Tensorflow, Keras, etc. Also play some games on it
  7. Saved up some money during this school year and have €1500 (1675 in america) to build a streaming/gaming computer that also needs to do for school work. I am taking classes at my school that are for programming and may want to start experimenting with Keras and Tensorflow (Machine Learning) Are these Hardware intensive tasks that can’t be done on my budget? I have have desk, mechanical keyboard (dragon k552) and mouse (Corsair harpoon) should I uprgade those? and I need room in budget for dual monitors.
  8. Certain cpus have integrated graphics that are comparable to some low end graphics card. Ex: Ryzen 5 2400g. Would there be a way to maybe run crossfire or sli with another gpu. I know in sli they need to be the same gpu, but crossfire has wiggle room... don’t really know much about hardware and stuff, just thought about that, and wondered. Most of you know much more than me on these things so thought I’d ask
  9. If it’s around another 4 weeks of waiting I can probably get another $300 towards the build.
  10. I found two monitors for around $300, one is a 144hz 1ms for my gaming ($200) and another LG 60hz as another ($99). would the setup look bad with two different monitors?