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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll see about some trial devices.
  2. The switch is a Trendnet TE 100-s24g and it appears to be un-managed with no QoS or DSCP support. Does this mean we need a new switch also?
  3. Yeah I don't fancy trying to manage pfSense and I'd have to buy a new machine to run it on anyway. Can't remember what the switch is, it's a brand I haven't heard of before. I'm working remotely at the minute so I can't check myself. I'll have someone check later. I would like to get a local IT company to take care of everything, especially since I'm working remotely most of the time, but the bosses aren't too keen on the idea. I might get some quotes first and present the case. This sounds like a solid plan! Don't exactly understand all of it but you've given my Google searches direction! I wasn't aware that switches had any settings. I thought you just plugged in all the cables and away you go! I'll definitely look into this. My current plan after your responses is to contact some IT companies and see what they can do and then failing that I'll get a dual WAN router like the FortiGate 60E, try and setup QoS with that and existing hardware, then if that doesn't do the job I'll get a second connection and set up SD-WAN. Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm looking for advice on a network setup for an office with around 40 people. We're a consultancy and I'm a data scientist, not an IT expert but as the only tech enthusiast in the office it's fallen to me to try and sort out the network in our new office. I'm pretty good as far as PC hardware goes and building servers etc. but I know very little about networking so I could do with some help. We currently have a ~100 Mbit DSL connection with the ISP provided modem-router combo and a network switch feeding ethernet ports and 2 wireless APs around the office. We make a lot of VoIP calls (mainly Skype for Business and Webex) but we experience dropouts and dips in quality pretty frequently. Our general internet traffic is just web browsing, people listening to Spotify and syncing files to SharePoint Online with the occasional large download. I've tried setting up the QoS options on the ISP's router to prioritise VoIP but it didn't seem to do anything. My boss is game for getting a second DSL connection but not sure that's 100% necessary. From my own research I have some options below but I don't know what's best and what hardware to get. Keep a single DSL connection, get an enterprise router with proper QoS support, put ISP's router into bridge mode and use as modem (is it worth getting a standalone modem as well?). Get a second DSL connection, get a dual WAN enterprise router (Cisco RV340?) and setup QoS to send all VoIP traffic through a single connection and keep everything else on the other connection. Option 1 but with a high-end consumer router? Something else? Any suggestions on the above or what routers are good would be much appreciated! Thanks