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    Fastest way to check a fake SD?

    Yes you can, the risk is part of the fun a high end card like 512gig is about 100$. A 400 gig sandisk at best buy is about 80$ before tax A 64gig in store is about 20-30$ Theres also the new 1Terabyte SD card that just released for sale thats like 450$ USD on sandisks site Depends on brand as well A 512gb sandisk is 200$
  2. Neft

    Fastest way to check a fake SD?

    There's two 64gigs at my house rn that were 13 each off amazon, 32gig rn is like 7 bucks bro
  3. So whats the absolute fastest way to fill up a micro SD card to 32-254 gigs to see if its really 512gigs? Only asking because occasionally ill go on sketchy platforms and buy new or used or shipped from chinese warehouse parts, so far ive had pretty good luck with not getting ripped off i thought i had one day because i popped the card in and it was posting at 37gigs and it was supposed to be 32 but turned out to be an issue with the phone i was using because i filled it up and no corruption. However i just ordered a 512gig micro sd last night for around 12$ shipping included, current prices im expecting it to be a modified 64gb card or worse. So any faster methods besides downloading/transferring appreciated