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  1. BigWolf

    New LG Ultrafine 4k seems wonderful

    I think it's compatible with RTX Cards. But curious to know if Nintendo switch can be connected to this monitor with single usb c cable.
  2. 1. P3 wide color gamut 2. Built in power supply 3. Built in speaker 4. 85w power delivery 5. Two usb c input, three usb c (usb3) output 6. Glossy screen?? Unlike Ultrafine 5k, which need two dp 1.2 signal put in one usb c cable, I think this monitor is compatible with all PC or Laptop with USB C dp alt mode support, and can be directly connected to RTX 20xx graphic card
  3. Can FreeSync make desktop UI experience smoother ?
  4. I want a 2k monitor with glossy screen. Use it with my nintendo switch and Macbook.
  5. Except LG Ultrafine 4k\5k, they cannot use with my Swtich.
  6. Is only integrated GPU is supported?
  7. Yes, I'm using windows 10 1809 with latest driver installed.
  8. I'm running at 60hz, but UI animation are not smooth sometimes.
  9. Thanks for replying, decided to purchase an 1030.
  10. I'm using 4k monitor with 8086k iGPU now. Though 4k 60hz is supported through onboard DP, but there is laggy when click start menu, and window animation, and some UI effects. Can gt1030 drive 4k desktop smoothly?