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  1. The power delivery of USB-C on this monitor is only 5v 1.5a. Maybe PE320QK is a better choice, which offer 85w power.
  2. It's same. The only difference between T3 and T5 is the mSATA to USB enclosure.
  3. Are there new routers in 2019 with internal harddrive or sata port?
  4. There is a empty sata slot in my laptop, Can i install an usb hub or pci e wwan card in it through adapter? Or are there other devices using sata port except hadrdrive?
  5. m.2 2242 2tb is available now! Price is ¥1799 (261.46 USD) Plan to upgrade
  6. Can I replace my Intel 9260 with an wwan card and using lte network?
  7. The haze value of AOC is 3%, but vx4380 is only 1%, will AOC more blur than vx4380?
  8. Got it for $160.1( 1109 CNY) It's a very nice monitor with MaxxAudio integrated speaker.
  9. I want to buy a 43 in monitor. But don't know which is better. Here is Specs of ViewSonic https://www.viewsonic.com/us/catalog/product_datasheet/view/key/vx4380-4k.html This is AOC https://au.aoc.com/product_5680_U4308V_monitor_AUSTRALIA.php AOC U4308V is a new model of 2019, is this one better?