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  1. So i was playing GTA V, and nor the CPU nor the GPU were getting 100% usage, my specs are pretty low, i5 3337u and intel HD 4000 (8GB DDR3 1600mhz), so i would expect it to get 100% on both ? When i look at the ground, both go to 100% and fps doubles almost triples,why ?
  2. Marti248

    Intel XTU

    Yeah, like mine does not even show the options for the memory or the GPU, just for the CPU, was also thinking it was the own XTU, with the updates and stuff, dont think so tho, anyways, my pc is kinda old like 2013, i5-3337u Intel hd 4000 8gb DDR3 1600mhz ram
  3. Marti248

    Intel XTU

    So i've had the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for a while, but i dont use it because i just cant OC, or do anything really with my GPU (Intel HD 4000), was wondering if it is my motherboard ? Perhaps the Drivers? Have seen other HD 4000 being used on XTU.