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  1. Its not the fans. The sound comes from between the cpu and gpu. Stopping fans sadly didnt help
  2. Hi guys, So in january i built a pc: Zotac RTX 2080 ti Amp! I7 8700k MSI z370 SLI Plus BeQuiet Dark Base 700 BeQuiet Straight Power 11 750Watt BeQuiet Dark Rock 4 Pro Everything was fine until around a month later when this abysmal screeching began. First i thought is was the gpu so i rma'd it and tried 3 Zotac 2080 ti's, 1 Gigabyte 970 and now a MSI 2080 ti Gaming X Trio. Then I thought it was the PSU so I upgraded to a BeQuiet Straight Power 11 1000Watt. And then I thought that the only part that could possibly be causing it was the Mainboard so i bought a MSI z390 Gaming Pro Carbon. The whine is still there and the most surprising thing is that it sound excactly like when is started. It usually happens when there is no frame lock but in the first month it was fine even then. And on the desktop when moving the mouse its also whining a bit. In Zotac FireStorm I saw that when moving the mouse sometimes the memory clock would shoot up to 7000mhz and the base clock hit 2048mhz. Also the cpu load went up a bit. Ive spent around 2600€ on this pc and my sanity is slowly going down just like my bank account