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    Internet download very slow due to network stream

    I got a little smarter. I remembered the "normal" router I got from my provider. I hate it and can't use it because of DS-lite and IPV6. But I just used it and had no problem like mentioned above. So the problem is the damn Fritzbox. I guess it came with any update in the past.
  2. Hello guys, I had no idea where I can get help with this and then I thought it's perfect here :) I'm watching many movies or series via network with VLC. For a while now I noticed a huge speed drop when downloading something via Internet (only while streaming in LAN). Not sure if it's like that forever me not noticing. At first I have 200Mbit / 25MB/s download. If it's perfect I am getting 25MB thats good so far. My network stuff runs on 1Gbit/s, also without any problem. Getting full speed everywhere. In theory much more than you need for 200Mbit dl and a little network activity. Task manager shows some 15Mbit spikes while watching movie. Then I start a test download (10GB file) and watching the speed. First it ramps up to 20+MB/s but then after 5 to 10 sec it's slowly getting less. 20 seconds later its around 1-2MB/s. I tested this from every PC in every direction. It's the same everywhere. 3 PC's hooked to a Fritzbox 6430 is my configuration. Is this normal? I guess it's not else I should have noticed it earlier. How can I / would you start fixing this?