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  1. Hello good people out there so here is my Problem. I got me a new Speakersystem (Logitech Z623 ) and I Wired it up to my PC (Windows 10) and looked in to my Sound-sources-list but I can´t see it and so I Updated my Realtek drivers, after the installer deleted the old and restarted the PC it worked and I could choose between my Headphones and Speakers. But then the installer opened again and wanted to Install the Drivers and I did it installed and restarted my PC but it stoped working I only could choose between my Headphones and "realtek digital output" and no matter wich of them I choose I can´t hear anything and I also can´t find my Speakers in the Sound-sources-list so I started the setup again an after the first restart I would close the setup. It worked but now I get a message in my notification-center that I need to restart my PC to finish the setup. And when I restart it it´s happening again I can´t hear anthing and can´t find my Speakers. I updated my Bios and looked after solutions online but can´t find anything. So I would say it´s clearly a Software issue. I´am sorry for my bad English I´am from Germany and still at the learing progress I thank you for all your solutions with Best Regrads from Germany Chris
  2. OK so it worked. I disabled windows updates in services and now I can restart my system without trobble THANKS! Best Regrads from Germany Chris
  3. So I installed the programm but I don´t know how to use it and I don´t got Dell parts in my PC I got a asus h81m plus (I know it´s old) and i7 4790 with an AMD R9 200 installed and even if I don´t want to install the realtek drivers Windows Does it automatically
  4. I guess you wanna say if I need to plug my speakers in to a normal wallplug if you mean that yes they need extra power