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  1. I see. It looks like the only option is a new MB. Thanks!
  2. I understand this. I won't try the first thing on the internet immediately. I'm using this as a chance to learn something new. No need to guide me through it yourself. Just not sure where to begin (google didn't yield useful results). Thanks anyway!
  3. Maybe but I would like to read about it and maybe try it. Could you point me to guides / resources on the topic?
  4. I bought 7600k a while ago and up to this point I haven't taken advantage of its overclocking capabilities. My motherboard is Asrock H270m performance. I couldn't find settings in the BIOS to overclock it and I didn't have much success with the desktop tool (intel extreme tuning utility ?). I have never overclocked anything. After a bit of googling I was led to believe that this motherboard does not support CPU overclocking. So I need a bit of help: - Is this true? Is the motherboard not capable of overclocking the CPU? Is it a matter of updating the BIOS? - Can anything be done to overclock this CPU with this motherboard (maybe something a bit hacky?) - If this motherboard is a no-no when it comes to overclocking, what motherboard would you guys recommend? I think I read somewhere that for overclocking you need a Z series chipset? This is a last resort as currently I don't really want to buy a new motherboard and move all the parts. Any help would be much appreciated!