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    The F40 bios update is junk and i told them. I was using F4 and you need to update to F32 BEFORE updating to F40, and F40 is the most unstable update they released so far its not even stable with stock settings
  2. Mathieu9836

    ryzen 5 and ryzen 7

    The Gigabyte DS3h is well suited for a 2200G or less, it doesnt overclock well with my 2400G and there is not a lot of features on this board, 1 cpu fan header, 1 case fan header, 1 M.2 slot. I don't think its a good idea to drop a 2600 in it.
  3. Depends, a couple more bucks in your pocket or a little more FPSs, the Nitro+ will clock a bit faster then the pulse, mine is clocked to 1450mhz/2200mhz but i don't think the Pulse will clock that high without crashes. I Think the Nitro is worth the money, but the Pulse is also a good buy, always depend how much you pay for each.
  4. Issue was BIOS related, they sent me a Beta version of F40 which is now an official version but its very unstable with overcloaking and i also have GPU related issues now (pcie slot). I will keep F4 Bios version and see what will happen with futur updates
  5. Mathieu9836

    2400g gpu issue

    May be CPU related or OS related, if you don't have issue running Furmark for an hour then GPU side is ok IMO. I know some times i get a tiny lag when opening task manager, it load the CPU for a short time but it not that bad. What is your score on benchmark R15? I'm running 825 at the least and usually around 850, but RAM speed as a lot to do with Ryzen CPUs
  6. Mathieu9836

    2400g gpu issue

    There is no such fonction to my knowledge, if my memory is good i was having black screens when the GPU memory speed was just a bit too high, mine was not stable at 1500mhz, 1475 was a bit too much and 1450mhz worked just great. If you cant use it at 1300mhz then you have an issue other then that not all CPU handle speed the same way, silicon lotery as something to do with it. You can use Heaven Benchmark or Valley Benchmark to stress the crap out of it, running 5 run of Cinebench R15 one after the other is a great way to stress the CPU side EDIT: make sure all the drivers and windows is running properly
  7. Mathieu9836

    2400g gpu issue

    Some software are just not working with the 2400G since people buying that APU don't look for crazy performance, it's a budget APU doing a great job. I've never had issues using the BIOS to OC both the CPU and GPU side of the Ryzen, i was at 3.85mhz@1.30v on the CPU and 1450mhz@1.2v on GPU side. You can use Ryzen Master to fine tune and test your OC then adjust everything in the BIOS and test again. Also you should look for higher clocked RAM and a good air cooler, help lower temps and get the most out of this APU
  8. Still have no audio after bios update toF32 and running DDU in safe mode, then reinstalling Radeon drivers. When i downgrade BIOS to F4 i get sound again
  9. Thanks, i'll give it a try
  10. Hi folks, i'm having a weird issue here and it sounds like Gigabyte Support won't help me on this..... I'm having an issue since i updated the BIOS to the lastest verison F32, i have no sound output on the HDMI port on the back of my RX 580. Chipset driver is up to date 18.50...., GPU drivers up to date, Realtek HD up to date, etc. With BIOS F1,F2,F3 and F4 everything is OK but as soon as i update the BIOS to F30,F31 or F32 i have no sound ouput. When i downgrade BIOS back to F4 sound come back. Uninstalled Realtek drivers, searched for new hardware and installed drivers back without success, but i noticed under the sound tab that i dont see the LG TV or ASUS monitor after F30 update. I hope its clear enough so you can help me out on this. As i told Gigabyte 3 times, i need sound out of HDMI port from the back of my GPU not from the speaker output. Gigabyte B450M DS3H Ryzen 5 2400G Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+
  11. Mathieu9836

    Can a motherboard turn on without a cpu?

    My B450m DS3h didn't turn on with a CPU or RAM installed.
  12. Mathieu9836

    2400g oc question

    With the Be Quiet Slim i was able to run 3.85mhz on CPU with 1.3v and 1500mhz on GPU at a 1.15v, all that on the cheap Gigabyte B450m DS3H, Oh and i was getting 70C at full load and 35C idle, droped 5C at idle and 15C full load from the stock cooler.