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  1. First gen Ryzen's are known to have issues with memory speed, maybe you could look to update the bios of you board to the latest BEFORE it was updated for Ryzen second gen.
  2. just like they did with the RX580 to the RX 590, just a refined die i guess...
  3. Also i can get the Logitech G935 for around 170CAD and the virtuoso is something around 260CAD, is it worth the extra 90$?
  4. RF vs Bluetooth whats the difference?
  5. The X470 as a good VRM, the B450 not really.
  6. So i'm looking at all these wireless headphones reviews, and they seem to be pretty much mixed in which is the best... So what's you thoughts on this? Best for less then 100$? Best under 150$? Best under 200$? Best of them all? Logitech seems to be good, but not sure if there is any better options out there. I mostly play FPS games, so i guess surround accuracy is the most important thing, i would like to have that feature that turn mic off when you turn it into vertical position but it's not a must. Thanks for the advices.
  7. If it's PCIe Gen 3, it will run on PCIe Gen 3 speed even if you board is PCIe Gen 4
  8. The Asus B50 Prime as very weak power deliviery, Top 5 worst board on B450/X470 chipset Stick with those boards all NON-MAX versions if possible: MSI B450-A Pro MSI B450 Gaming Plus MSI B450M Gaming Plus MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC MSI B450 Tomahawk
  9. I know major city in Ontario and B.C. have ridiculously high house price tags
  10. In Eastern Quebec, the average is around 160 000, depending how big the city is it's somewhere between 160k and 300k, in small towns it's as low as 60k.... in my area houses at 100k is common thing these days, there is nobody to buy them everyone is leaving for big cities like Quebec city and Montreal.
  11. Yes it is, if you are talking about the lenght of the pins not being equal across the stick. You are probably trying to boot a Zen 2 CPU on a MSI board that need to be updated.
  12. Gigabyte customer service as been horrible to me, i guess it's just a common thing these days....
  13. IMO the 3600 is worth the money, it as a faster boost clockspeed, and 6 additional threads. The 3500 almost a 3200G but without the onboard graphics. Edit: But the 3500 as the Zen 2 architecture and the additional 15% IPC boost. I would like to see how the 2600 stand against the 3500 for the price. Look at the CPU load. If you consider there is still overclocking headroom with the 2600, it might be a better option if you game and video edit/render.