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  1. alpacino2368

    Remote Wake on Lan

    Hi thanks for taking the time to help! The router is an D Link DIR 822. Looking at the spec page (http://support.dlink.ca/ProductInfo.aspx?m=DIR-822) I cannot tell if it supports port forwarding to a broadcast address. I believe I tried something similar to this before and it didn't work because after a certain duration of time the router would drop the PC's IP from its memory or something. Networking is not my strongest field of tech. I do believe it supports VPN servers, again see the spec sheet. This is something I have no background in though. I do have PIA VPN on that PC but that is for other purposes.
  2. alpacino2368

    Remote Wake on Lan

    I have a desktop PC that I also frequently use as a remote media server. When on my local network I utilize Wake On Lan functionality to wake the computer from sleep. However, I desire this functionality remotely as well. In order to do this I have already set up a static IP address with my IP provider, but, where I am stuck, is how to send the message. My router does not directly support wake on lan so I cannot ping the router to ping the computer. My alternative is trying to use a port forwarding application on a rooted old android phone, but this is not something I have set up before... only seen done. Can anyone point me to some resources that may help me setup Port forwarding, so I can send a wake on lan packet from my phone over the internet to an old phone on my local network that can then push the packet to my sleeping desktop PC. Thanks!