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  1. [Update] Hry guys! I rebuilt my desktop with all your suggestions and its amazing. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Sometimes the same drive. Sometimes I use transfer data to/from my Samsung T5 ssd and WD Mypassport Hdd.
  3. I have to transfer data around (arount 50-100 gigs) everyday. Does that count as intense storage workload? And if yes? would S11 be a drastic improvement over the A2000. And if yes? how much?
  4. I dont mind clicking a few pictures. I'm the one getting help. You guys are generous taking out time to help. Tell me whether i need to open it up or pictures through the fan blades do?
  5. Also, can any of you (considering you are still following the thread) tell me why this sdd is like 3/4the price of any other ssd on amazon india? Are there any catches? Coz If there are, I dont mind spending a few extra bucks to get a superior one.
  6. I'll do that. Since everyone is recommending i get a kingston 2000. I'll get that. Thanks for answering .
  7. Noted. I'll get a good ssd. Although it won't certainly be as cheap as 100$ here. More like 250. Graphic performace is...okay!! i get about a good 120-130hx average. But I'm just irritated with the speed. And the compilation time when i code.