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  1. It has a fan because of the G-Sync v2 module. Lenovo did include information/picture of the fan on their forums on this monitors announcement page. But it will bother some and not bother others. I’m glad it’s the latter for me.
  2. 1). I only notice this if I turn on my monitor and the room is silent. I have 12 Fans in my PC and so these easily provide a small amount of consistent noise that straight away hides the monitor fan noise. I also have very good speakers at a quarter volume plus I sit back from the desk. Overall - the fan is a non-issue for me. It’s highly unlikely to change because it’s apparently there for the G-Sync module. This was a point in the PG27UQ that I owned (again not an issue for me) but that wasn’t adjustable and has only been updated for release in the PG27UQX. Having said that, Lenovo could have an update for it but I’m sure it’s designed to just run 100% and then for 20 minutes after monitor has switched off. 2). I’ve read a few people say this but I don’t get banding on mine. On my review above, I do state that blacks can look a little washed out and grey - although Whites and Colours are really good - this issue is only on desktop use. I don’t have any issues within video, gaming or pictures. My settings are generally low brightness and contrast about 50 plus I have the blue light filter on. Overall, I was very impressed with the Colour Output and it’s very close, if not the same as a SDR IPS display. I hope this helps.
  3. Hi Guys, I've had the Leovo Y27gq for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, it's absolutely amazing! I call it the ultimate monitor because for me, It's 27" in size - I've had lots of monitors over the years, 19-34" and I've always felt the sweet spot is the 27. It's 1440p - I think on this screen size, it has to be at least 1440p. I loved my 27" 2160p screen and the detail is INCREDIBLE but its hard to drive and relies on SLI / NVLink support to really make it work. 2K is definitely the sweet spot though. It's got 240Hz - I've always been a fan of 144Hz but having a 240Hz monitor for a while before not being able to handle low res and very poor colours led me to ultimately go back - however, I personally always missed 240Hz! 2nd Gen TN - Faster Response Times: While I never really experinced issues on previous 240Hz Displays, the 2nd Gen TN panels promse even faster transitons! Again, there aren't any definitive reviews or actual nu,ber crunching but I've got no complaints whatsoever regarding this monitor. Literally no motion blur and no overshoot! DCI-P3 Colours - it has around 90% Coverage and it really shows, I'm used to high end IPS Monitors and the latest OLED TVs and I have to say, its so close, if not as good as a IPS monitor. The blacks do let it down slightly but the whites and colours - I never thought a TN would look this good! Couple with 1440p, its so nice to even watch videos, movies, pictures and of course, games! Nvidia G-Sync - A must for me as I'm running Nvidia GPUs. Design - Not the best or most striking but nothing really to complain about. Reasonable build and I'm glad its just mostly black. I would have liked slightly better cable management but this is neglible. Price - it's quite steap at £900 which is about $1,200 USD, but its far from the most expensive and is a "worlds first" monitor. Overall, I would rate it a 9/10. It's absoutely amazing to play games in silky smooth 240Hz at 2K with really nice colours. Even games that average 180-220 FPS are benefitting from this display and futureproof the purchase as I intend to purchase 1-3 more latest Nvidia GPUs before a new system rebuild so should help to continue hitting those high numbers! Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this monitor and I'll try and answer. Here is my YouTube video for this monitor https://youtu.be/KFPc-1q0B1c