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  1. TechnicallyArtist

    Light gamedev laptop

    Germany. www.notebooksbilliger.de 4h under load would be fine
  2. TechnicallyArtist

    Light gamedev laptop

    Hm, I think I'm gonna wait for the Zepherus GU502 and apply thermal paste myself once the warranty runs out.
  3. TechnicallyArtist

    Light gamedev laptop

    Thank you. I wasn't aware of the site and having custom thermal paste without voiding warranty is a great start What do you think about the AERO? https://www.hidevolution.com/gigabyte-aero-15-classic-wa-f74adp-15-6-fhd-144hz-i7-9750h-rtx-2060.html
  4. TechnicallyArtist

    Light gamedev laptop

    Hey there, as the title says I am looking for a laptop to work on games on the go. Performance wise I need enough to use 3d tools and VR content creation tools like quill/tilt brush etc. I would prefer a thin & light laptop with solid build quality and good keyboard/screen. If it wasn't for the terrible QA I would get a razer blade. Spec wishlist: - around 2kg - 15inch - under 2000Euro - 4-6 core cpu - 16GB ram - 512GB SSD - RTX 2060 or 1660Ti I am looking at the Zephyrus GU502 at the moment, but I'm not a big fan of the keyboard and gamey look tbh. Or an XPS15 with eGPU.. haha .. Any tips/recommendations would be much appreciated