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  1. I. do, but apprently I dont use the right words
  2. My mother just got a Surface Pro 3 and considering it is a much higher res than my desktop, I was wondering if anyone has a was to just turn it into a regular screen when shes not using it.
  3. This basically what makes my job possible. I work for HP s a remote technician and we get about 10 calls a day of this happening.
  4. @huilun02 It's the same deal that happened with Demon Souls. And has been explained adequately enough to not be bribery. From Software does not have the money and resources to build a whole new engine for their next game, which they need as making a new game on the existing Souls engine is not an option in today's growing market, there would be people screaming "UBISOFT!!" in the streets. So they reached out to Sony, they create a new IP that sony has the rights to, but they keep the rights to the Engine. So when they want to make their next game, they can make a different IP and use the new engine. As in the example of Demon Souls/Dark Souls, Sony Published Demon Souls and had the IP rights, they chose it to be exclusive since they HEAVILY invested in it. After it's success, From Software creates Dark Souls 1 and 2, which it releases to everyone. There will be a game after BloodBorne that will be available to all.
  5. No one here or in the article was promoting pre-order/day DLC. Their first DLC is planned to release till a month after release (Enough time to iron out major issues with the game) They even said something against pre-order DLC. "CD Projekt Red revealed in November that The Witcher 3 will be receiving 16 DLC packages, free of charge across all platforms without pre-order or special edition purchase requirements." The reason people are giving CD Projekt a pass is because they have shown in the past that they can release properly finished games, give gamers what they want, and more. I don't like the idea of pre-orders any more than anyone else. But I also think we need aa company in the game industry people cane trust. Companies like (some would sa) Nintendo, Valve 1st party stuff. CD Projekt is one of those companies in my eyes.
  6. Just tested it with mine. The last 900 MB of DRAM does it (Dropping from 150 Gb/s to 66.96then 22.35 all the way down to 8.44 Gb/s), and the L2 take sit even harder. ( 432 Gb/s down to 8.21 at the last 900 mb.)
  7. I have a BH67+ in my main rig. I hate it. The second PCI slot doesnt power cards properly, so it fried the first one I put it. Luckily it was just a leftover from my old PC, like a 20$ card. It devours CMOS batteries. If the power cord is disconnected, or it lose total power for any reason, it completely drains the CMOS battery and give CMOS errors. It's also ugly as sin.
  8. I hate the glossy finish on the sensei, it picks up so much dirt and just feels nasty. Would love to put a grippy decal or something on it like Linus's carbon fibre skin on his phone
  9. I still have my RAT 7 V1. I have some sensor issues (It would lose X-Axis movement randomly), and I had some issues with rust on the thumb adjustment, but it felt great. It was my first gaming mouse, and still probably my favorite. I use a Steel Series Sensei now, I personally liked my RAT better. The reason I use the sensei is because the way I gripped on the RAT made the front lift up and rest on the bolt in the back. I will probably definitely look into this, as I love the RAT series even with the issues I had
  10. It was used as an early camera for the Oculus rift to help with tracking and VR games. Give them a bit more depth and interactivity
  11. I'm guessing it works for you because it's cached on your system, not ours. try reuploading your picture.
  12. I own the base game and the season pass for the DLC (Only DLC I've ever purchased) snf honestly, I'm fine with this.) If I had to wait the extra development time for this to be out day 1, I would have been pissed. I was riding hard of the Dark Souls 2 hype train before it was released, and when we got to the station, I noticed some bumps and bruises, like everyone did. The lighting engine was different, the graphics took a hit, but that's not what matters in a game like Dark Souls, so I still have over 400 hours into it just with PVP alone. And as @IdortMasterRace said, they intent to release all the same content for the previous version, you just wont get the shiny new graphics and lighting engine, for free. The content the heart and some of any souls game, every fan is still getting. This is like getting pissed at prom because there's better looking people there than your date. You've still got your date, you're having a better time, and then a hot boy/girl walks into your vision, who's honestly just as good as you date, with just a bit of make up on, and your undies wad up and you scream "I SHOULD HAVE A DATE THAT PRETTY!!! ITS NOT FAIR!!!! WAAAAAAAAAH!!!" You've got your Dark Souls, you're getting you free content and balance updates. Quit staring at the other prom dates and enjoy the one you got.
  13. Thanks that sucks. Can I take them out of crossfire and use all the ports then?
  14. I have 2 6670's in xfire and I was wondering if I can use the ports on the second card for extra monitors. I already have 2 monitors and want to add a third, but only 2 dvi ports per card, and my monitors only have dvi and vga. Anyone know?