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  1. Specs - MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Intel i7 6700k Corsair Vengeance 32GB Corsair 540 Case just bought 5 NF-A14 industrialPPC-3000 PWM fans and a NH-D15 cpu cooler from noctua. My front fans on my Header2 are rising to 1700rpm or so then cutting to 1350rpm or so. They’re on a y splitter, but so are my two top fans on Header3. When plugged in individually to the header they work fine, when plugged into the splitter individually they work fine, I swapped the splitter and repeated all the test and same exact results. Fans just rising and falling. As soon as I unplug one the other works fine. I’m unsure of what to do next. I don’t know much about voltage fans and PWM and all that. A side question related to my ignorance, I can’t get the proper working ones below 1300rpm without them cutting completely and it’s kinda loud. Did I make a huge mistake buying the 3000rpm industrial models?
  2. Home Servers - You guys should do more stuff in-depth with servers, or building home servers/gaming servers. I love your office server videos but I feel you guys have an untapped homelab market, at least in the youtube space (I'm new to the forums). Obviously focusing the hardware side, we don't need a Linus setting up a Minecraft tutorial but I think it would be neat. Maybe it's just me as someone getting into IT but I absolutely love networks and servers etc. Also more Anthony! Seriously, I love him. I saw in a video, maybe the hoarders one, where you go through projects or items sent in that never made it to a video that is still interesting. Just make a show like Anthony's back catalog or have him do some server stuff as mentioned above. Seriously enjoyed the recent build he did. #TeamAnthony