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    New Monitor 1440p 144hz or 1080p 240hz

    i looked at va at first but the bad responce times had me worried since im use to 1ms.it is the same reason that one ips i was worried to get. i have space for 27 inhes i sit 3 ft from monitor to eyes. the eye strain lowered would be nice i already wear glasses. i am just affraid monitor will make my eyes have to move around screen to much. how was it for you?
  2. cminion718

    New Monitor 1440p 144hz or 1080p 240hz

    lol i ment 4.6ghz, sorry im sick today and my head is very foggy. i can never go below 144hz , 60hz looks like a slide show after getting use to 144hz. i do not want a ultra wide just a 1440p normal size i do not know where i can find in person unless the bestbuy happens to have those models on display. i will look around though see if i can find a place to see. problem with that is to i cant see games or things i look at they usually just have preset thing going but even looking at the desktop im sure i can see a difference. ty for advice so far that is what i was thinking was hands on just hard to find any good ones near me. ill drop by best buy soon see if they have anything worth a crap to look at.
  3. I have a decent setup but will be upgrading mobo, cpu and ram once the new ryzen 3700x comes out. I have a i5 6600k overclocked to 6.6ghz all core boost, 32 gb ddr4 corsair vengance 3000, radeon VII video card. I play some competitive and some not but i am not super competitive in the games.I want to make fun montages from recording games to share with friends and maybe get a little following. I am disabled and with some of my back problems my hands do not always want to work 100% perfect so its hard for me to be competitive. I mostly just play for fun and these are the current games i am playing. fortnite , sea of thieves, satisfactory, diablo 3, waiting for a good mmo to, and division 2. Future games im looking at would be like borderlands 3, maybe getting back into overwatch again, mmo like lost ark or a good sandbox mmo that comes out. I gave this info because this is the question i had. I have 1080p 144hz monitor and my 2nd monitor that does not have vesa mount is 1080p 60hz. I just got a dual monitor stand because i planed on upgrading and moving my corrent 144hz monitor to be my 2nd monitor. My 144hz monitor is Asus VG248QE and what i am planing on doing is making my new main display either 1080p 240hz or 1440p 144 - 165 hz ( matters on what monitor i settle on. ) . My question is should i go for the 240hz 1080p or 1440p 144hz? I do like my 24 inch screen and i sit about 3 ft away when at my desk. I have to lean back in my chair some to take pressure off my back i can not sit up strait. If i go 1440p 144hz the few monitors i found in my price range at max 400$ i see mixed reviews on the few i have been looking at. My list right now is Dell s2719DGF Acer XF270HU ( worried because i am use to 1ms TN panel and this one is 4ms and heard that there is a difference 144hz on tn vs IPS as tn is still faster. ) VIOTEK GFT27DB (2019 TN panel version ) Mbest SM270QHD165 ( a korean no name that has some good reviews but colors not best and affraid to get because would like a decent warranty. ) I have done a lot of research and it is possible i overlooked some but these are what i have come up with so far over the past few weeks of reading and watching reviews. I really want to keep 1ms and 144hz at least with being able to play most games at 100fps or higher and for the few that drop in the 80s make sure i have freesync since i have never had that before either. My cpu holds back my gpu a lot in several games but i know that will get a big boost with the 3700x i am getting. I hope all these made sense as my head is a little fuzzy atm and ty for anyone that can give me any advice. let me know if i need to clarify anything up.