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  1. I'm new to overclocking. Im currently using the AMD Ryzen Master software. Im using a stock cooler on my ryzen 3 2200g. I want to overclock this thing but i have no idea. Any help?
  2. am i going to NEED this cable or no?
  3. I have no idea where or what this header does (refer to picture below). Its labelled main. SORRY if its stupid. im pretty new
  4. 100? its okay to go a lil over
  5. any suggestions for a budget monitor?
  6. yeah prices are hella rough but this will have to do for now. adfjlasdfhkas thanks to everybody who cobtributed
  7. building it for a friend. I think he'd consider used parts
  8. AHHAH dw i got all that stuff already
  9. without a monitor. no peripherals
  10. Hey Guys! Im completely stuck on a budget gaming pc build. This pc should be able to mainly run fortnite and keep up to date with some of the latest games. The problem is, the budget is 450$ CAD. Please help!!
  11. 400$. Yeah thats an old processor. I also kind of found it suspicious he uses two different brands of ram? Give me a quote so i can bargain this guy down?
  12. Hey guys! Im a little new to the whole computer world. Im trying to help my friend bargain and tweak this computer. Please help! 1) I need some pricing on this computer 2) I need some opinions on what should be upgraded ASAP 3) I need a budget 60 hertz monitor thats affordable for a teenage kid. 4) Would powerline ethernet be a good option?