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  1. So when im rendering my cpu at 100% hits 83 degrees is this fine it lasts about 30 seconds to a min Cpu is ryzen 5 3600 stock cooler
  2. I can afford to wait for the 30 series or i could buy a 2070 super now, mostly going to want to use it for 3d modelling/sculpting as well as gaming Reason is i think the 30 series will have like alright frames for ray tracing. I use a 4k monitor 60hz but game at 1440p.
  3. yes but i would bet that nividia has a 30 series in the works/ready to release plus consoles(ps5) are on the way as well near november so who knows really but im pretty sure there will be and if there isnt ill have even more to spend on like a 2070 s or 2080
  4. i know but my logic was if another competitor comes in then prices will drop by about 50-60 pounds kinda like what happened with super and navi
  5. the rest of my system is fully up to date if we are talking about my cpu its the 3600
  6. I think i might actually skip this gen and keep my 1050ti till next year when the new gpus launch because rtx will have more value then as well as a 3rd choice in the market which is intel, i have made this decision because im not going to be gaming that much anyway this year and the games i ahve now my 1050ti runs fine and even on "some" newer games it runs great such as sekiro so i think ill hold out till next year. Thoughts on my decision
  7. well the Thicc card actually seems to have some issues judging by amazon reviews, for an artist the 5700 xt and 5700 will be fine because there gpu's there built for rendering so they should do you fine but nividia is also a good option still because amd drivers are really bad at the moment
  8. i dont have any anti static bag but i would like to sell my gpu, would it be fine if i just wrapped it up in bubble wrap?
  9. Ok that is what i thought my temps are quite normal and 38-45 idle 50-55 on a hot day at 32 room temp but that rarely happens in the uk, i will update my bios after about 3-4 months due to having a b450 tomahawk which i quickly found out is the most unstable board ever for ryzen 3000
  10. Ryzen 5 3600 is hovering around 1.43 volts, i looked it up imparrently i should go into the bios and enable cool and quiet and set the power plan to ryzen high performance but i dont know if this is true? please help
  11. Its still better but not anywhere near msrp but it should go down within next few months