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  1. Off ebay cause my pc not to boot to windows
  2. It now shows the blinking orange light (2 blink pause 3 blink)
  3. Ok. My main computer no longer working from what i think is the added ati card. Befor that no problems i did little OC on the msi but everything was fine... The ati card was touching the chassie on the bottom of the case making me to drill holes..
  4. Core i5-3470 Msi geforce gtx 1050ti 8gig ram 1x 4gig 2x 2gig 275watt psu stock Stock mobo "I CANNOT FIND ON ANYONE HAVING THIS PROBLEM" I bought this on ebay and was working fine for 3 month but one day i tried putting another gpu a ati 2600xt with my msi wanting to do a dual monitor and is was working with 2 gpu but not dual monitoring and left it on and went to sleep woke up powerd off took the plug off the psu took the ati off first thing i notice fan went to full speed but black screen orange light going 2 blink pause 3blink pause tried to trubleshoot it myself and nothing still black