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  1. Hi, so i have Palit RTX 2060 gaming pro oc and i want to overclock, ive installed palit Thundermaster and well, it sucks i basicly have to go in and change profile to 1 or else it Will be automaticly the same on restart so ive tried MSI afterburner but... I had Thundermaster still installed so when they both tried to overclock system just wont work (well screen, it was booting to Windows but after it stated just black screen) so ive reinstalled system but still same problem with Thundermaster and idk if i can safely install msi afterburner (after uninstaling Thundermaster this time) , can someone help me?
  2. I think ill get thermaltake core p5 and some watercooling for looks. Anyone used this "case" before?
  3. I want to put verticaly my rtx 2060, but i dont know what pcie riser to get, as its phanteks i want ot get this one - http://www.phanteks.com/Riser-Cables.html but idk if it would work (no brackets included) and i dont think p350x would have it, any ideas?
  4. ProGET

    Will i see my ram in cryorig m9 plus?

    @TVwazhere Thanks for answering.
  5. Hi, i want to build new pc with Cryorig m9 plus Tower and adata xpg spectrix d41 TUF Gaming Edition but idk if they would fit and be visible, could any one tell me if thats possible? (motherboard - b450 msi tomahawk)
  6. Could I do 4.4 ghz on ryzen 5? Also, is ryzen 5 2600x worth it?
  7. What about msi b450 tomahawk and CM master air Ma410m rgb?
  8. OK, ill check it out, ill get rgb black edition hyper 212.
  9. I dont want to wait. Also i want to get that 4.1 - 4.2 turbo clock, i can use stock than? I mean, i still will buy after market but just for looks.
  10. Hi, idk what board to pick with i5 9400f, and stop with "it suck take ryzen 5" i or "8400 is better couse it has igpu" i just want to know what motherboard to pick, i have budget of 125 $, also what cooler (to 30$) to pick
  11. what msi motherboard do you have?
  12. have you tried razer workshop addon's for games to sync with lighting in your case? once again, it Looks only game synced lighting can be used in msi mystic light and not the lighting itself.
  13. in some cases "play" already is set to game sync, but it Looks like chroma can only change lighting in certain games (from workshop) so idk if you can even change lighting itself
  14. but you tried to find razer connect module in synapse 3? also you need to enable game sync in mystic light software.
  15. there is chroma connect module, i dont have my pc yet but razer support told me that this should sync it with mystic light.