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  1. I mostly play competitive games like Apex legends,csgo,pubg,etc.
  2. I know it's faster but I'm kinda low on budget but I can afford both of them.
  3. Which one should I buy? Oh btw for anyone who helped me in mey previous questions. I changed some of my choices for the PC that I wanted to build just to save money Here is my PC build for now Motherboard : msi B450 Gaming Plus CPU : AMD GPU : Asus ROG Strix RTX 2060 or msi armor rx580 8GB(depends on the monitor) if you chose one of these monitors please tell me which GPU should I buy that can sync with the monitor well.
  4. Thatwierdguy

    Buying a motherboard

    Alright thx for voting
  5. Thatwierdguy

    Buying a motherboard

    Well thx for the vote.
  6. Thatwierdguy

    Buying a motherboard

    Well thx guys for answering my questions but I think I'll decide which one I'll buy (msi or rog strix).
  7. Thatwierdguy

    Buying a motherboard

    Well I live in a different continent (Asia) and at that price it's already the cheapest that I could find for now. I live in the same country as oalei here. So aorus z390 is more expensive.
  8. Thatwierdguy

    Buying a motherboard

    Well I'm just asking for an opinion which one is better.
  9. Should I buy msi gaming pro carbon b360 for 150$ or ASUS ROG STRIX H370 F Gaming LGA1151 for 190$ ?
  10. Aight thx for helping
  11. No. I only have a gaming laptop that can't even handle csgo because the laptop is too old. My father said that he has a gaming PC that he used for work on his office with Intel core i5 processor and NVIDIA Geforce GT 730(he doesn't use it anymore because he got a new one). He said that maybe I should just use his pc to play for at least until I finish high school and then I should buy my gaming PC and stream. I'm not sure how old this PC is but if it's can still be used as dual PC streaming in 2022 then I'll use it to save money.
  12. Well there is no need to rush it because right now I'm still focusing on high school so yeah I'll wait for ryzen 3000
  13. I also forgot to mention that I want to stream on twitch with only one PC and from a lot of testimonies on YouTube(I know that some of the testimonies are propably fanboys of Nvidia and Intel) AMD have problems with overheating. That's why I chose intel and Nvidia.