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Everything posted by carlrose

  1. my favourite feature is selective focus, on my note 2 trying to photo a cpu to show the writing was a pain as it would never focus
  2. i just need a decent upgrade for my Cooler Master CM Storm, the mouse wheel squeaks so badly when i wanted to buy a mouse i didn't want it to sound like one too!!
  3. Vessel Username: pigz Favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj and https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl
  4. this could be a handy thing to put on the back of my TV saves my digging out the long HDMI lead
  5. i would put it in a brand new system seeing as my 4th gen wont support it lol
  6. EDG750 PSU cause mines as noisy as hell lmao
  7. i like the massive event they did for the 900 series London was awsome and the stream was amazing as well which sums them up really a great time and a great event for a great series of cards
  8. Love everything you've done with the company and all the great content and of course yourself without you it wouldn't be the same. now the road to 2 million
  9. i live in the UK and this is totally outta order a proxy ffs whats next hotspot shield? im disgusted in this country nothing has been done for years and years and now all of sudden we are getting as bad as america (no offence i was always taught the net cant be policed oh how wrong they were and its a sad day when it will be
  10. my favourite think about that laptop is all you lot signed it
  11. my favourite thing has to be the customizability i love playing with all the settings to get a phone how i want it to be, and not how im told to have it