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  1. because 1709 break a lot of stuff see the nvidia forums about it
  2. one question, did you install windows update 1709?
  3. After reinstalling windows the issue is GONE i don't know what cause it but it might be the windows update that cause it i hope to see more info about this...
  4. seems like nvidia just released a new drivers gonna try that now
  5. Update. i tried furmark and it did not show artifacts and that is a full GPU load idk what is happening...
  6. UPDATE!!! After reinstalling windows the issue is GONE i don't know what cause it but it might be the windows update that cause it i hope to see more info about this... Story times boys! So yesterday i played a bit of OW for like idk 6 hours total that day and later in the night i wanted to play some fortnite with my friends. But that session was not going to happen because of weird artifacts all of the sudden...(pics in attachments) I was like "why does this happen" the gpu is like 1 month old and temps never gone far enough to dmg the gpu and never OC it because it boost already to 2Ghz without anything done. Then i tested some other games like doom 2016 that did not have the issue but PUBG and CoDWW II does have it. Later i tried to do windowed mode and non of the games have the issue then i was like "how can this be? if the GPU was broken it would happen all the time right?" And now i am here to ask your help if it is defect or not. I Already made an support ticket on EVGA site i wanna know whats up and i hope my GPU is not defect because it will take some time to get it back Before you ask this is what i tried already. Other monitor. Other HDMI cable. I will try another mobo and PSU soon but i think that won't solve the issue either. Also i will try an clean windows install because i notice this happen after yesterday windows update.
  7. well the PSU is from Delta eletronics (more like power brick) i think everything else is on the mainboard self (what also accept a 330w PSU)
  8. additional picture from linus video of the trident 3 with a GTX 1070
  9. then i wonder how MSI pulled it of with a 330w with only a 6 pin to 8 pin in there trident 3 pc
  10. Well it is not about the PSU, it got a 8 pin that is not what it is about. Its more regarding my other PC what is the MSI Trident 3 its carring a 230w PSU that can be upgraded to a 330w PSU but the issue remains the same by having only a 6 pin PCI-E on mainboard but apprently it works because linus reviewed it. So that let me believe the 8 pin on the GTX 1070 don't add extra power or anything at all or MSI are wizards after all... Also i saw review where the max power draw under heavy gaming load is 204w max so why do you even need the 330w psu if max power draw is under the 230w limit (i know usb can also draw power but still 100w more is not required i think?)
  11. As many you know the GTX 1070 is a great GPU, really powerfull and even can achive 4k gaming by lower some settings in later games. Also if many know the GTX 1070 is rated at 150w what is not that much like the RX 480. BUT...what i don't understand is the RX 480 need only a 6-pin and the GTX 1070 an 8 pin what the? To make it even worse is the mobile edition of the GTX 1070 only use 120w max with almost the same performance maybe 1 to max 5 fps slower in worse case senario. But back to the subject. Could the GTX 1070 work without issues with a 6 to 8 pin adapter since it is rated for 150w what 6 pin + PCI-E slot can deliver on it own. Or could i run in issues by trying this. Or even better did some one ever tested this if there is any issues or lower performance at all if it works?
  12. problem is...we don't know nothing about the PSU no model or part number and msi won't give it to me either the mainboard and such is the same so it as simple as replacing the PSU and the PCI-E power cable
  13. because something like this exist but i cannot find it anywhere
  14. So i own a MSI Trident 3 world smallest gaming pc yet??? But it got 1 tiny flaw...it only got 1 PCI-E 6 pin power and with the recent new releases of mini series for gtx 1070 and 1080 i cannot upgrade to them. I don't understand why the GTX 1070 need a 8 pin anyway since it only required 150w but ok that is for another topic that will come soon. Now i am looking for external power to add either 1 or 2 6 pin or a 8 pin so i can mod the case to attach it external so i guess also searching for a plug for it to attach to the case. Anyone ever heard or have seen something like this and yes i tried googling it but it let me to nowhere! So i hope LTT forum can help me out.