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  1. p_tucnak

    Best headphones?

    I'm looking for a pair of good headphones, one for just gaming (7.1, not too heavy, soft ear pads, no mic needed since I got my vmoda boom up to £150 doesn't matter if it's wireless or not. Noise cancelling would be appreciated. I would choose Sennheiser game one but the mic is non detachable) The second pair should be something more professional, I had Audiotechnica ATH-M70 on my mind. I need something light, closed back, wired, as best audio for up to £300. Thanks for your time guys
  2. p_tucnak


    Yup, that's something I actually know and I am aware that what Lurick said it's possible. Thank you guys for your tips, I'll be careful what I download. Much appreciated
  3. p_tucnak


    Hello, everyone. I just build my first pc and I'm slowly getting into the pc community. I have a quick question about antiviruses programs, are they actually needed? I did some research and I found that most people don't use them. What program should I use in order to protect my pc from malware? Thanks in advance
  4. p_tucnak

    White psu cables?

    Aren't they compatible with Corsair power supplies only?
  5. p_tucnak

    White psu cables?

    Completely forgot about it lol Corsair 650w 80+ gold fully modular
  6. p_tucnak

    White psu cables?

    Looking for psu cables, white preferably. Not extensions tho and no Corsair (type 4). I heard they "change" colour after few months. Someone with white cables here? Thanks in advance
  7. I keep getting a notification that my cpu fan is not spinning and/or has lost its connection. All cables are connected like they are supposed to. I don't want to overtight the cpu block cause I don't wanna damage the cpu. Any tips?