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  1. I have a weird problem where videos filicker (line moving up and down the monitor) when i play them in fullscreen on firefox. I tried this in opera,edge,waterfox,thor and the problem doesn't happen. I turned off hardware acceleration and the problem goes away but the browser becomes sluggish. Any help would be appreciated
  2. I bought a new monitor and everything is fine except playing yt videos in fullscreen. A horizontal line appears and starts flickering. I turned off hardware acceleration and it worked but it makes the video start crackling and lagging. I switched to opera and egde and there are no issues. Is this a monitor problem or browser issue?
  3. ASUS VA249HE https://www.asus.com/Monitors/VA249HE/specifications/ I found it new for 60$ are VA panels fine for gaming (csgo) and do they have more ghosting then ips
  4. I found this one LG 22MK430H 75hz freesync is it worth it to sacrifice 24" for 75hz
  5. DELL P2317H IPS, 6ms BENQ GL2460HM TN, 2ms Asus vs239 IPS, 5ms (14 average) Would be used for browsing,movies and sometimes gaming (mostly csgo) These are the only 3 options i can get cuz i cant use amazon
  6. Its only the mouse that freezes. In task manager cpu usage is 100% by system interrupts
  7. USBs are all fine and all drivers are up to date. Can it be a hardware issue?
  8. For the last 2-3 months my mouse constantly freezes at random for a few seconds. I tried everything from device manager to usb power suspending, i even bought a new mouse but nothing. Sometimes when i restart the pc the problem goes away but thats rare. Plez help
  9. Thanks man i will probably get it, it should look better in a well lit room
  10. Here is one more picture
  11. I can get this monitor for 40 dollars im wondering if the ips glow is terrible i have one more picture i can send. Plez help
  12. Im playing CS:GO lol its a good resolution for competitive play. I know that Asus is the best but its 27" and that size is for 1440p not 1080p. My current monitor supports 1680x1080.
  13. Hi, i found a couple of monitors which are affordable to me right now. Which one should i go for. I would use it for browsing,movies and playing cs from time to time. 1. Samsung S24E390HL - 24", PLS, 4ms response time, very low input lag 6ms, can be overclock to 75hz with no problem 2. Asus VG278HE - 27", TN , 2ms response time, input lag around 10ms, 144hz. I would go for this one but i heard 27" is too big for 1080p and i play cs myb once a week 3. Asus VX238 - 23", TN, 1ms response time, input lag 5ms allegedly , can be oc to 75 hz 4. BenQ BL2205PT - 22", TN , 2ms response time, input lag ??(should be low), 60hz. I found it for 30 dollars I play cs at 1024x768 and all these monitors support 75hz at this resolution. There are couple of ips monitors with 5ms but they seem kind bad (LG 22MP58VQ-P). Im not using amazon cuz my country. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. archr

    Buying a monitor

    My current monitor has 75hz and 5ms (not full hd) The 1st monitor has 60hz but 2ms Will the jump down to 60hz be noticeable in games like cs go or every day use