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  1. archr

    Is this bad ips glow?

    Thanks man i will probably get it, it should look better in a well lit room
  2. archr

    Is this bad ips glow?

    Here is one more picture
  3. archr

    Is this bad ips glow?

    I can get this monitor for 40 dollars im wondering if the ips glow is terrible i have one more picture i can send. Plez help
  4. archr

    Which of these monitors should i choose?

    Im playing CS:GO lol its a good resolution for competitive play. I know that Asus is the best but its 27" and that size is for 1440p not 1080p. My current monitor supports 1680x1080.
  5. Hi, i found a couple of monitors which are affordable to me right now. Which one should i go for. I would use it for browsing,movies and playing cs from time to time. 1. Samsung S24E390HL - 24", PLS, 4ms response time, very low input lag 6ms, can be overclock to 75hz with no problem 2. Asus VG278HE - 27", TN , 2ms response time, input lag around 10ms, 144hz. I would go for this one but i heard 27" is too big for 1080p and i play cs myb once a week 3. Asus VX238 - 23", TN, 1ms response time, input lag 5ms allegedly , can be oc to 75 hz 4. BenQ BL2205PT - 22", TN , 2ms response time, input lag ??(should be low), 60hz. I found it for 30 dollars I play cs at 1024x768 and all these monitors support 75hz at this resolution. There are couple of ips monitors with 5ms but they seem kind bad (LG 22MP58VQ-P). Im not using amazon cuz my country. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. archr

    Buying a monitor

    My current monitor has 75hz and 5ms (not full hd) The 1st monitor has 60hz but 2ms Will the jump down to 60hz be noticeable in games like cs go or every day use
  7. archr

    Buying a monitor

    I found these 2 monitors for a very low price but which one is better? BenQ BL2205PT https://www.benq.com/en/monitor/business/bl2205pt/specifications.htm LG IPS235 https://www.cnet.com/products/lg-ips235v/specs/ Does it matter that one is 4 years younger than the other. How different are a 2012 ips and a 2016 tn monitor ?