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  1. i don't want to spend on it beacuse i will build a new system at august
  2. i have a z87 chipset on my motherboard
  3. Hello Guys so i have a i5-4570 non-k CPU and i want to know that can i overlock it ? I know that the non-k CPU-s are locked but can i somehow unlock it. The backstory is simple the games that i play are using my cpu at 100% all the time (R6 siege, COD:MW, Battlefield V) and creating a bottleneck, beacuse my 1060 6GB only sitting on 60-70% So if i could overclock my cpu maybe 10% taht would help me if i am not wrong
  4. The company that made this is out of busnise
  5. Hello guys I need help to identify this port in the picture, I want to replace it because its fried in my electric bike but after long long Google searching I still don't know it pls help me
  6. Yeah I will do it thank you
  7. But the ssd is only a year old so I will try to install Windows on my HDD and if the computer stable I will take my ssd and apply the warranty
  8. No I don't have any of that, but I am a smart Boy and i store my important files on cloud
  9. Yeah I tried I even tried with a new cable
  10. Hello guys! I need some help. Today I turned on my pc it was running okay I went to the store 20 min later my pc doesn't respond to anything. Okay I turned it off and tried to turn on again but, it says that it doesn't found my Ssd, I checked the cables and the bios (which doesn't recognise it either). In the past I had a lot of problem with my pc, for example the windows died one day to an another. What could be the problem? Spec Windows 10 64bit with the most recent update I5 4670 Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB Asrock Z87 extreme4 8Gb ddr3 1600mhz Kingston a400 ssd 240gb Hitachi 2tb hdd 450w power supply( bronze plusz) Can you guys help me pls