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  1. Looking for mid range phone with big screen, big battery, 64gb storage and front finger print The mi 9t won't work as it is missing band 66 and that is needed. It would be a perfect phone otherwise. Also potentially looking at next moto G when it comes out as its usually march release
  2. I had her try my sennheiser hd280 pro and she didn't like it due to the sweat factor. and then we went down to our local radioshack which somehow exists. its weird I know. If this was over ear it would be very easy. but on ear makes it hard.
  3. so looking for some headphones for a family member. She likes the style of Marshall Major 3. Any others I should look at? small ear pieces on ear Bluetooth (aux back up is nice) good for gym Suggestions for up to $150? cheaper good value options are welcomed
  4. I'm running a MI 9t Looking at a fitness tracker. Need: Footsteps mainly, tracking what I ate would be good in the software Like to have: Notifications are nice and mainly check texts, emails, reddit in the phone. Suggestions? I looked at fit bit and saw the charge 3 was released a year ago. So a refresh might be coming?
  5. The Xiaomi Mi 9T looks interesting as I can get it from bh photo and use 5% back via PayPal with discover card. I've been on oneplus since the op1. I really liked the vanilla look. The lack of an app drawer seems to be my biggest gripe. It I throw nova launcher and such at it... Should be vanilla looking without needing to root?
  6. So my OP3T battery is finally degrading to the point I want to upgrade. I look around for $400-500 mid-range phones and the only one I see is the Pixel 3a XL. The only thing I don't like is the fingerprint on the back I need a headphone jack and a large battery and large screen. I'd rather have the fingerprint on the front. Am I overlooking any phones?
  7. yeah. considering 970 ~=~ 1060 and dell only sells rtx 2080. just looking for ideas other than building up microsoft credit
  8. Amex Business Platinum owners now get $100 credit for Dell 2x a year. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/american-express-business-platinum-200-dell-annual-benefit-live-for-existing-cardmembers-100-twice-per-year/ Not sure how many people are both LTT viewers and owning Amex Biz Plats. I know I need to figure out what I am doing with my credit
  9. So one of my credit cards (Amex Biz plat) is giving me $100 dell credit that is good till June, another in July-Dec, and another in Jan. Trying debating what I should get. Dell Price matches most places. I can buy an Xbox GC and apply that to my Microsoft account (stack the credit up that way). Dell GC don't trigger the credit current specs Ryzen 1700 16gb ram 500gb SSD (barely half full) gtx 970 dual ASUS VE278H I don't use any console stuff My main games are MTG arena, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and some older stuff (SW empire at war, early 2000s stuff)
  10. So what is the cheapest way to mirror composite video from an old console to HD tv's
  11. never mind found what I needed https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019YJMRZS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AA3MGRC7F9EI2&psc=1
  12. The pictures is of the single ear side headset connector. So the female version is what they have in the walkie talkies
  13. So I'm having to use a crappy headset at work. Boss said it's fine for me to use my se215 with in line mic. Only problem is they use this weird tip? Need an adapter. https://imgur.com/naDZv7T
  14. Linus wasn't the first one to be DQ'd for cheating? shocker
  15. So I picked up the moto 360 gen 1 about 1 year ago for dirt cheap. The band is dead and thinking I might just upgrade it all together. I'm running a oneplus 3t. Splash resistance is nice (ip67) but I find ip68 over kill. Data in the watch is pointless to me. Health services are nice but low on priority NFC would be nice Speaker/microphone is nice Large watches are fine by me I'm more classy watch vs sport I never had battery issues with the 360, and multiple day battery is over kill. budget $100-200