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  1. Super classy specs. Where did u buy all this stuff??
  2. I installed a os without formating my hdd.. so a folder which was in it got corrupted and couldn't get deleted. I tried different method like cmd, winrar the tips which are given in utube. But still everything sucks. So is there any possibility to delete it.. it contains nothing inside.. 0kb but still its in my pc.
  3. kiK

    Windows 10

    Ok bro.
  4. kiK

    Windows 10

    Gud idea.. but i dont have any win 7 key.. i m looking out for pirated.. anywY tnq for the help. If u can send the link of pirated pls
  5. kiK

    Windows 10

    Ok bro. So where can i get the product key for cheap price?
  6. kiK

    Windows 10

    I got your point. Where can i get the product key. It cost around 5k..
  7. kiK

    Windows 10

    I dont have a product key. Thats the reason i m looking over pirated. Send me a link if u have any pirated version of windows
  8. kiK

    Windows 10

    Is windows 10 free of cost or whether we should have product key?
  9. kiK

    Windows 10

    Its shows some files are missing or corrupted data error code:c000********
  10. kiK

    Windows 10

    I tried so many times to install os in my hdd. I have two hdd 1TB and 500GB. I am not able to install os in my 1TB hdd it shows blue screen with some error.. i downloaded the software from piratebay and used rufus to change my pendrive into bootable drive. So i need a solution help me out guys