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  1. I stress tested it with aida64 and looked on task manager. Everything was at 100% usage and ran the test for an hour. I believe i have narrowed the issue down to being a faulty or leaking capacitor
  2. I do not think it is the power supply or temps. I have stress tested my en tirepc for about an hour now and it hasn't shut down, and it is keeping decent temperatures
  3. They should be, and in what way would I be able to see my temps?
  4. Recently my computer has started shutting down randomly while I am playing rainbow six siege. I had initially thought that I was just getting powersurges, but I have ruled this out as it doesn't turn off whenever I am doing something that doesn't require a big load. I am wondering if my power supply has just worn out and stopped giving the watts required. My specs are I7-9700k (not overclocked) 16gb 3000mhz ram tridentz rgb Z390-e rog strip Rtx 2070 super (not overclocked) I have 2 1tb ssd one is nvme and one is normal and one 2tb hybrid drive 650 80+ gold cooler master (can't believe i forgot the most important thing lmao) I was never having any issues with this before so no clue what it could be.
  5. I'm pretty sure they are all up to date since windows wouldn't install without updating my bios
  6. So my pc is working completely fine but a few days ago I noticed that the vga light was on and wanted to know why or if I need to worry about it I have the Asus rog z390-e
  7. how do I make it USB in depth plz
  8. I just built my first PC and I have been trying to install windows on it for over 3 hours and it keeps freezing on random percentages does anybody know how to fix this I7 9700k Rog Strix z390-e gtx 970 2x8 GB ram Intel 660p 1tb nvme ssd
  9. I found a way to fix it thanks for your help tho
  10. I only have one drive and how would I get it to boot from the usb?
  11. btw I do have the USB in the back and have switched it to multiple different ports
  12. I just built my first PC and when I turned it on it was freezing on boot and wouldn't do anything else I have the Asus rog strix z390-e and I need help please