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  1. Interesting, yea for sure that would be great. This is why I am sort of skeptical on that we won't have GPUs until 2021. Seems kinda crazy if AMD can keep stock as they claim for this.
  2. So in theory then AMD should have a similar issue to this then when they launch? I mean I knew about the PC parts scarceness. I built a PC for my girlfriend and her sister and had to go with some different parts due to stocking issues. It's been a couple months since I looked at parts aside from the GPU stuff.
  3. I am in that same boat my Strix 1070 has been going strong for almost what 5 years now... but it's time for that upgrade
  4. Yeah I agree, was either gunna go with EVGA or the ASUS Strix 3080. Just keep staring at pictures because that's as close as I am going to get for a while probably. I am hopeful though.
  5. I was talking to my coworker about this and I said the same exact thing... I really hope so because I'm in need for the GPU upgrade hah
  6. I think you can request it now even if the stock is out? I'm not sure entirely because now I just stumbled upon this, and may take up this offer. As I am on a 1070, and it's starting to see worse days when it comes to content creation/streaming. I would just be afraid if I buy a 2080 from EVGA, and then NOT be able to do the step up even though their 3080 FTW IS on that list of the step up due to stock issues.
  7. Sure Zen 1 was really rough for AMD but they turned it around and I am happy for them. Heck my girlfriend and her sisters PC's are off the Ryzen 3000s series. Not saying they "can't" more or less that over the years problems still arise with their GPUs again I had 2 of them & have had friends with AMD cards coming to me saying they shouldn't have switched. Why would you switch to something with less known reliability IMO. That's taking a huge leap of faith, especially if you are comfortable with what you know and have. Just mostly opinion let's see if they can fix their encoder and other issues this time around but I can tell you I won't hold my breath.
  8. Going to also say was helping a friend with her build, and when she told me she got a 5700xt after she had an Nvidia 1070 I was like noooooooo. Mostly because of my own experiences with AMD cards, had 2 and they were arguably the worst GPU's I have ever owned. Guess what? She had an issue with drivers/defective card 3 days in and I told her I was not surprised in the slightest. Another friend also got one he likes to stream a lot and I told him he was making a HUGE mistake because of AMD's encoder being broken and not on par with NVENC. What did he do? He sold that 5700xt and got a 2070 super. Have they gotten better? Sure have but I wouldn't even take a chance with them again. CPU's thats another story because Ryzen has actually been pretty awesome to see and work with but anyway, I have had 0 problems with any Nvidia card I have worked with since building PC's for the last 10 years. To each their own.
  9. I'm in the same boat my friend, I'm currently on a 1070 and I was looking to upgrade to due streaming more frequently and since I stream off the GPU it's been a bit of a tougher time as of late. I'm waiting for the new cards to be announced today, much excite. This is the first time I've been in the market around a launch time. Gives me some more time to save up some of that dough though!
  10. I used a hard mouse pad for a while. As much as I liked it, the pad got worn out very quickly. Have been using soft again for a couple of years and it just feels better on my hands. All personal preference. Next thing to try is the full extended mousepads.
  11. Yeah, I work in an enterprise environment and when people ask for keyboard replacements or needing their laptop keyboard looked it, some of them need some deep cleaning with the amount greasy stains. It looks like they always eat with their PC right in front of them. Which leads me to saying canned air for loose debris, Iso Alcohol, Qtips and a nice cloth after pulling keys off of course.
  12. Going to second this about Kailh. My first hotswap keyboard came with Outemu blues, and they felt okay. I swapped them out for Kailh Pro Light Green switches and it felt much better. On my current board, I have the CTRL Keyboard from Drop, and has Kailh BOX Whites and I have loved them ever since. Don't think I am going back to Cherry again.
  13. My friend has one of these. He loves it. I have tried it out when playing games over there, and it felt pretty good for the price. Definitely a good budget keyboard. I personally do not own one because I have a more "enthusiast" hot swap board nowadays.
  14. You should apon plugging in the device get Synapse 3 if it is a newer Razer device.
  15. https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-2-Port-DisplayPort-Multi-Stream-Transport/dp/B075754ZYC/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_23_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=0YNAYMZQ004C21B6NT1X This is one of those adapters, I have used one for HDMI at least and I am sure it would work the same or similar to that.