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    xannax159 reacted to BlueScope819 in Parts for an all in one server + 4 user work station   
    Spending $10-15k on a server for a few people to use as workstations is really not a good idea. As @Electronics Wizardy said it will simply cause more problems than it solves. Unless you have real enterprise grade experience in doing this then you are set to waste a whole lot of time and money. Literally just build 4x workstations for everyone with their own 2080tis and 3900x CPUs, or whatever the next gen equivalent is, and then you can buy an actual server to do the server stuff from. You will save a ton of money.
    (Also just generally pointing out that spending $15k on computer gear isn't a good long term financial plan as it would be preferable to create value optimized systems that meet your needs rather than going all out on something that's not required. For example, you can use Ryzen 5 3600 CPUs and RTX 2070S GPUs and just use all of the other stations as render nodes as everyone won't be using them at the same time. Put your extra $10k into an IRA and watch that grow to a few hundred thousand to retire on.)
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    xannax159 reacted to BlueScope819 in Parts for an all in one server + 4 user work station   
    Press the quote button next to our messages so that we can see them. I just happened to be typing my reply at the time so I saw it. It's the left arrow second from the left at the bottom of our message.
    That doesn't solve the problem of reliability nor the massive f***ing software headache this is going to cause.
    If everything is in one box why do you need 40 gigabit to the rest of the stuff? That's literally pointless as you would be setting up a network share and it's not like your use case needs 4 simultaneous 10 gigabit per second streams of data not to mention that you will need a 10 gigabit switch which will cost you hundreds. This entire build is just a really really really bad idea.
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    xannax159 reacted to Dutch_Master in Parts for an all in one server + 4 user work station   
    A separate NAS/video recording solution would indeed be the best choice. Consider a multi-core fibre-optic backbone for your network.
    For the OS, the NAS should be either Linux or BSD, the workstation instances can run in a VM and on Win-10 if you so must (personally, Win-7 is the latest I'd go, but then I don't use Win-OS anyway, being a Linux user )
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    xannax159 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Parts for an all in one server + 4 user work station   
    Id really suggest having separate systems. It will probably be cheaper, and much easier to setup and configure.
    Have you done this before? What hypervisor do you plan on using?
    How would the users connect to the system? Will they directly connect or use some sort of remote desktop connection?
    There are some issues here, like how you want 5 gpus and 4 10g ports, and there is no board that can support that either.
    If you want reliable, id seprate the roles, this is making it so if anything goes wrong, or there are updates that need a reboot, everything goes down with it.
    What switches do you plan on using for networking? What 10gbe standard, there are many of them. Also why 4 10g ports, just get a single 40 or 100gbe port
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    xannax159 reacted to cj09beira in Advice needed for what hardware to use in a PC for the purpose of a NAS   
    not too sure myself, but i would start by looking at first gen ryzen 7s, those should be cheap enough, or 1600s, but that will depend on if you plan to run plex on it or something similar 
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    xannax159 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Advice needed for what hardware to use in a PC for the purpose of a NAS   
    do you want 1gbit or >1gbit? 1gbit is cheap and easy, >1gbit gets kinda expensive.
    Those will be very important. Id personally get those cheap external drives, but if you have the money go ssds.
    How cheap is cheap? Really any modern system can do this. A celeron/althon is more than enough cpu power here, 8gb of ram is fine. Id personally get a used server. Cheap and lots of drive bays.
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    xannax159 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Project for Gaming over external storage   
    Will it work? Absolutely as long as you can map the networked storage into something native to the OS that the application understands. Basically for Windows, this means you just need to map it to a drive letter using the Map Network Drive function. Linux and the like is probably similar: just make it so the network path can be resolved like a local path.
    Also it is possible to play games even over WiFi (I've done this before). My test game was GTAV, and it worked perfectly fine on 802.11ac. It was still technically playable on 802.11n, but the world wasn't exactly there. So you could probably still play over 802.11n assuming the game doesn't stream assets in. Obviously though, you should play over a hardline for maximum performance/reliability.