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  1. can't 212 evo is not good for cooling oc stuff
  2. sadly I don't have any money left after buying my 1800x so that is not an option to me
  3. I gtg now be back later today so I might not respond right away
  4. Ok so It now runs much better but I think when I get the new ram im going to fresh install windowss this is just interesting but my ram was at 2000mhz because of power saver mode
  5. ok so I overclocked my ram but while in the bios my motherboard was in power saver mode im going to try now hope thats all it was
  6. 3502 my old one was like 200 or something like that
  7. ya new computer smacks my old one in cinabench
  8. Ok so seem as if im going to have to reinstall windows Thank you every one for all the help
  9. I had order a new kit of 16 gb 3000mhz just waiting for it to come in hope that makes a difference
  10. I have seen this but I want know if there is anything else I can do before fresh install