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  1. Daaamn boy you might be right, They just told me that are like no cc ram, so they r supposed to ne used in servers. I’ll Tra new onnes tomorrow. Thanks for heping and let’s see what happens
  2. The thing is that I’ve already changed all the parts except for the cpu and nothing changed. I’m so desperste and I don’t rly think that even changing the cpu would make it work. The buzzer still beeps saying that rams are bad, but frckin hell they are brand new and compatible.. so I don’t really know.
  3. How can it be bad if the fan spins as it should? I Whis I could but I can’t take a photo of it right now.
  4. There must be something else. Ive already done all of those things. Both sticks are in the right slot, already tried only one stick and already changed the mobo with a new one. All cables are well connected, I’ve done it too many times and also tried both hdmi and dvi-d. any Order idea? @TheGlenlivet
  5. build info: cpu Ryzen 3 2200g no gpu psu FSP hexa+ 500w (it’s not the problem, pls don’t focus on that) mobo gigabyte b450m ds3h ram Corsair Vengeance lpx 2400mhz 2x8 gb that’s the build, I’ve already changed all of the parts(thinking that they arrived broken) but tue cpu which I’m pretty sure is not broken at all. However al of em are brand new but the system doesn’t boot up, the screen says “no sígnal”. All fans spins but it doesn’t work. I can’t even get to the BIOS. What shall I do? What do you thinks I’ve done wrong? PLS HELP It’s like a month of troubleshooting.
  6. Goddda I thought bout it but the buzzer kinda works, the cpu’s Fan spin and the power supply too so it would be weird, Wouldn’t it?
  7. Well I’ll use the hexa untill the muasterwatt arrives. However, any idea why even with another psu it doesn’t boot up?
  8. How’s this https://www.amazon.it/Cooler-Master-Alimentatore-Semi-Fanless-MPX-4501-AMAAB-EU/dp/B076PBT7H6/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref_=ox_sc_act_image_2&smid=A1CSV7EEBZRUHP and yep my mother-tongue is Italian so If you don’t get something just say it.
  9. Guys pls.. hexa might be a bad choice, ok, but it’s not the reason why my pc doesn’t but up. Can you help me?
  10. I’ve been using a Chinese psu for 5 years I guess.. and nothing happened, so pleas think about what’ve told ya and help me get out of it. The psu works properly, the fan spins n should be no problem. What I’m trying to understand is why the heck my screen doesn’t work when connected to the pc. And as I sad I’ve already tried another psu
  11. What I was told was that it’s a good one as fsp is too... however I’ve it will always be better than a V series. Anyway it works as it should, the fan spins and ye, I’ve also tried another one which was about 650watt.. but nothing happened
  12. But as I said the screen didn’t work, what should be the problem? If not the ram