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    Sqwillbuck #2872

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    New Zealand


  • CPU
    Pentium 4 520 HT @ 2.8ghz
  • Motherboard
    Unkown motherboard from early 2000s
  • RAM
    2x256MB DDR2 @ 400Mhz (total 512MB)
  • GPU
    Previously; ATI Radeon X300, Upgraded; GTS 250
  • Case
    Intel dimension 4700 case
  • Storage
    1x 85gb HDD (OS), 1x 135gb HDD (general storage)
  • PSU
    Coolermaster 460W
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    Dell 4700 display @ 59Hz, 913x889 display, 25ms
  • Cooling
    1x 100mm intake fan w/ cpu cooler shroud
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    Microsoft keyboard
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    Dell early 2000s laser mouse
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    Windows XP home

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  1. Hello, I have been using my ASUS Zenbook 3 for my video editing for a while and recently it has begun crashing due to the capping of the 8gb of ram, in one of my edits all of my files were corrupted due to a crash and i lost everything, So i've had enough and want an upgrade, i have set my budget to 1500 NZD (Around 1000 USD) for a light editing (Premiere and after effects) also some gaming on the side (preferably 1080 @ 75hz but ill take 60hz) build, but i have absolutely no experience in PC building apart from the fact that i know that Ryzen is a better price to performance option for editing and Nvidia graphics is preferred due to their raw power. So have taken to the LTT forums for some help. So therefore i am asking in your aid in supplying me in suggestions for possible parts to use in my build. IMPORTANT NOTES - Preferably Ryzen for its price to performance (but intel is fine) - Preferably Nvidia graphisc for their raw performance (but AMD is fine) - Prefer upgradability (but if not its fine) - Needs to run premiere and after effects - Needs to run Games 1080p @ 60hz or 75hz - Need monitor (have keyboard and mouse) - Budget of 1500 NZD or 1000 USD
  2. just looked it costs the about same as the non ti 2080 so is it still worth it?
  3. ive got 9900k and will be playing high end games and ray tracing games which is why im choosing green team
  4. Hello to all, i was just wondering which of these 2 graphics cards is better, in terms of price to performance and yes i can afford both but keep in mind im from NZ so the prices are elevated compared to US 2080 - $1120 NZD 2080 ti - $1880 NZD
  5. OK, so basically i dug up my parents old PC from the closet under the stairs to check what exactly did it have in it back in those childhood days of professor fizz wizzle and nitrome. And i thought i might as well share it with this community, i ended up with the specs below, and i want you to rate it and guess the price for this amazing piece of hardware from 2005 that i dubbed "the beast" (Sorry for no pictures i may provide some in a follow up post as it is not currently in my possession) Specs: - CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.8ghz locked (1 core, 1 thread) - GPU: ATI Radeon X300se, 128MB DDR VRAM - MBD: Unknown, i couldn't find out what this was but by the look of it it seemed to be made by dell specifically for this PC - PSU: 460W Cooler master, probably the most expensive thing in the whole system - RAM: 2x 256MB DDR2 sticks @ 400mhz (Total of 526MB) - Storage: 1x 95GB HDD @ 3200RPM (OS) & 1x 135GB HDD @ 3200RPM (general storage) - OS: Windows XP - Case: Dell, made for this PC - Other: 2x Optical drives, (one is broken as i remember trying to run Lego Indiana Jones on it)