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    Cars, Gym, Uber Basics of Computers


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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    Asus Prime X470 Pro
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    GSkill Ripjaws V 3200 16gb
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    EVGA RTX 2070 XC Ultra
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    Fractal Design Meshify C
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    512GB Inland Premium NVME SSD, Samsung 860 EVO 1tb M.2
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    EVGA SuperNova G3 650 80+ Gold
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    Viotek GFT27DB/ Random Acer 25 inch
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    Corsair H115i Platinum, ML240MM RGB Top Fans
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    Corsair K65
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    Logitech G 305
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    Corsair Void Pro
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    Windows 10 Education
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  1. Its caused by GPU weight. Normally bigger, heavier longer cards have more sag. Most people do nothing about it. I haven't done anything and mine doesn't sag too much, but it ain't straight.
  2. One back plate/PCB could provide more stiffness or the mounting screws at the back could be tighter. Could be a few things. As its a 5700 XT, I would say it might not be built as thick or beefy as the 2080 super might be. Regardless, hes got sag and his system is currently working. Your Mount to help lift it looks fine lol. Build a cool little lego tower bud!
  3. I went the Corsair and RGB route as well, and this is my first lol. Next time around I am thinking NO RGB! and Mini ITX. Going lean and mean with less wires to worry about. With the RGB on this system if I went air cooled and non rgb, I probably could have gone with a 2080/2080 super instead... Live and learn.
  4. Seems you like RGB and are using Corsair, check this site out. My buddy got a back plate for his 1070ti and its quite nice (they also make RGB and what not GPU support brackets). Plug and play for iCue as well. His did take some time to get delivered I think. Something like 2 weeks? I am thinking of one for my system too since I have a fat 2.75 slot cooler 2070...
  5. Answer is yes, I have one 1080p 60hz monitor and one 1440p 144hz monitor and the hz/fps is different between the two meaning they are independent. I used to have the Acer XFA240, good little monitor, the included stand isn't bad. It is what I was using before I stepped up to 1440p and 144hz... NEVER GOING BACK! lol
  6. I am no monitor genius, but I LOVE this monitor (Viotek GFT27DB). It has been good to me, and while the mounting mechanism out of the box is poo, a VESA mount makes it well worth it. 1440p, 144hz, clean crisp visuals. Check this video for a review of someone who knows what they are talking about (at least more than me lol!), but you are in the US, and its Prime! This monitor I guess is only sold in the US, but it is a beautiful unit my friend. I recommend 100%! Mine came with no issues, and still has no issues, think I have had it for about 4 months now? I use it to game on BF5, Overwatch, and GTA 5 from time to time. It gets a lot of play time with BF5. G-Sync works now too since this is a freesync monitor and I can attest to no issues enabling G-Sync on this monitor. Good luck picking mate!
  7. Just had my mx500 fail on me in sub 8 months. Read reviews on amazon and other sellers, its a semi common issue. Most of the 1 star reviews on Amazon are of it failing in say under 6 months. 8% of all amazon reviews of the mx500 (m.2 form factor as mine was) are 1 star reviews. So far and away from a boat load of bad reviews, but I added my own self to the failed within a half year or so. And I just used it as a gaming drive. Started with me having to re-seat it to get it to work, ended with the red light staying on and no longer showing up in bios or in windows. Now have a Samsung 860 EVO for almost what I paid for that drive new. Check the Samsung 860 evo to see if its on sale still.
  8. Ordered a Samsung 860 evo 1tb m.2 today on amazon for 120 usd. My Crucial MX500 1tb m.2 failed on me after under 8 months. It fell victim to intermittent communication issues with the system (seems to be a somewhat common issue) which required it to be re-seated every time it stopped talking properly. Only way crucial would help me out was an RMA, and their way meant they would need to receive the drive, check it out, then send me another if it met their requirements... not about ready to sit out for a month for them to gander at a broken part. Bit the bullet and got a better one. Seems it was on sale too, so I guess silver linings? This is my mass storage drive, for all my games and whatever else for school or what not. So no gaming till Sunday late at the earliest but more like money. Gotta re download over 300gbs or games. Darn you crucial lmao!
  9. I wonder if they advised it that way as the intercooler would help keep IATs lower. Yes of course the down pipe is still a restriction, but I wonder if keeping IATs lower helps with the tuning and making the tuning itself easier (as aggressive as they can without harming the engine). Like when you are really running the car hard IATs will rise and you will lose power compared to the down pipe where as heat rises you won’t lose power? Just a guess.
  10. Yeah the wranglers have a good look. That year is leaf spring front end? I was leaning hard on the xj for the coil spring front end. The 2.5 is a good little engine! I am a fan of the 4.0 for being an inline 6, the sound and the bulletproof, nuke withstanding reliability lol
  11. What motor? I assume 4.0? Manual or auto? I wanna get an xj, hoping for a 90s with manual and 4.0 4 door. If I could find the holy grail I’d get a 96, manual, 4 door, and 4.0, but I probably have more luck getting struck by lifting for that year/spec. Color doesn’t matter, I like em all. Prefer red, green, or white though.
  12. Being a corsair cooler can you download iCue and see the pump speed?
  13. Yeah mine (also 2700) is stable at 3.9 ghz at 1.35v. Going to 4 ghz took me to 1.4v and I just felt that much extra juice wasn't that important for for the extra 100mhz. I run this daily, have been since I built my system in August I wanna say... NO issues at all.
  14. Check out Corsair QL fans. Seem to have dual sided RGB. Pricey as heck though. I believe the QL fans are beefed up LL RGB numbers, but on the ML bearing style. So quiet like the ML fans, but more RGB than even the LL fans.