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  1. Empty it. Last thing you want is to rock up to college with a DOA PC.
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it. However, I really need this to be restricted.
  3. Good Evening Peeps, I am currently having issues with a security loop-hole with our campus. The "sethc.exe hack". I require a script that can do the following: - Detect if a user has signed in locally with the disabled administrator account. MUST ALLOW 'LOCAL USER ACCOUNT'! - Disable the administrator account. - Once doing the top two, then force shutdown -p. - Must be a .bat or .vbs file. - It must allow domain admins and domain users to sign in without being shutdown. I then wish to implement said script into the registry. I AM WILLING TO PURCHASE 1 MONTH GOLD CONTRIBUTOR FOR THE PERSON WHO PROVIDES THE SCRIPT AND I HAVE CONFIRMED IT WORKING! I currently have the following (and not working ): ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Echo off echo %USERNAME% IF [NOT] "%USERNAME%"=="Administrator" goto END IF "%USERNAME%"=="Administrator" goto CLEAN REM Written by ###################### REM When Local Administration Account becomes activated through Sethc.exe hack, REM the domain will become the "systempropertiescomputername" (Windows +R). REM This script will automatically shutdown without prompt when entering this domain. REM Local Administrator Account will specify the Domain off the computer name. REM Intended Use for #################### :CLEAN net user administrator /delete net user administrator /active:no cls goto SHUTDOWN :SHUTDOWN shutdown -f -p :END exit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Hunting!
  4. It is not impossible but with great difficulty, you can FAP to the computer he's put forward as much as he has shown stupidity...
  5. That depends entirely on the other components also, regarding the extra usage of SLI or CrossXfire.
  6. Hmmm... You make a good question relating to the space between the GPU's however have you considered the following: - That the GPU's are sufficient for CrossXfire or SLi? (Two 690's in CrossXfire can out perform even Ti's) - Cooling? Do you really think airflow alone will be able to sustain the lifetime of those two GPU's and/or the internal tempretures? - Power Consumption (If you don'thave enough, your computer won't be working for very long) If anything, don't SLI or CrossXfire Titans as it will only destroy your cards for little extra performance.
  7. Have you considered the fact that the H100i cools the CPU directly so it elaborates the work to a lesser extent? I have no reason to believe that a CPU Cooler would effect the frame rate. Have you recently changed monitors? What about your internet connection? Is it running the same speeds or usage before and after the initial implementation of the cooler? Keep me posted.
  8. Just been given Full-Time Employment as an IT Systems Networking Administrator at a school

    1. Tea1337
    2. xrex64


      Nice job. Hopefully I'll see you on the server soon.


  10. Just remember this good ol' pick up line, Guaranteed to work! "Does this smell like chloroform to you?"
  11. It is important to allow a child to evaluate (especially through gaming) the lifestyle choices and consequences that come with decisions. Baring mind I say this, "I would rather my child play a game and make a lot of mistakes or life-based decisions instead of making them in real life". If you think logically about it, a gamer develops skills initially from previous mistakes, thus say they know this knowledge at a young age they know that they would have applied the same consequences based on their gaming experience. Also, the most graphic played games develop people to become more humble people instead of suggesting them to be more violent.
  12. Well you need a Z87 motherboard because they support OCing and over clocked CPU's
  13. What are you doing on your computer? The blues aren't designed for consistent usage, they need to be able to power down every week or so. If you are consistently using your computer, I suggest running reds because they are designed to handle that kind of usability.
  14. The Oculus Rift as a monitor? Hmmm... Interesting concept. I personally think that would be a clever idea however, A major set back currently with the Oculus rift is the sickness that occurs when using it. I am under the impression the oculus rift has a very high refresh rate, don't quote me on the details on the refresh rate, but having that especially so close to the eyes can cause extreme nausea and headaches if used consistently compared to a standard monitor. That's the only flaw I can see with it so far, however I am aware they are trying to fix that at the moment.