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  1. I haven't changed any configurations in BIOS so far, will a CMOS update affect the settings on my PC?
  2. Oh sorry my bad I didn't know about that. I will look into that right away thank you.
  3. Can you check my updated post. Does that mean that I have to set it to 2133 or 1866 before installing new ram? And if so, which one?
  4. I can't do anything after installing new sticks, nothing comes onto the monitor so I cannot configure.
  5. I have 2x8 gb 2400 MHz ram running in my PC right now, and my friend got a ram upgrade and gave me his old ram. It's the exact same ram, 2x8 gb with the same latency, same brand and type, even same heatsink, but it's 3200 mhz instead. I tried adding it to the 2400 mhz I already have in my computer and it wouldn't post. Computer would turn on with fans and power LED for about 10 seconds, then turn off for about 20 seconds, then back for 10 seconds and continue like that until I forced a shutdown. After I removed the new ram, it worked fine again. What can I do to be able to install the new modules? Update: both time I wrote 2x8 gb, I meant 2x4 gb. Also, my motherboard manual says that when using 4 ram slows, the max speed is 2133 mhz when all 4 are SR, and 1866 mhz when two are SR and two are DR. I think those mean single and dual rank but I'm not sure what those mean.
  6. I believe the slots I have my 2400 in are 2/4, and I had tried to put the new ones in 1/3. I too think I have to manually tune the speeds, but that's what I don't know how to do.
  7. In my PC, I currently have 2x4gb of ddr4 2400 ram. My friend gave me his ram, which is the exact same, just with 3200 instead of 2400. When I tried adding the 2 new modules of ram, my PC fans would turn on for about 20-30 seconds, but then off for 3 seconds, and back on for 20-30, and it would repeat like this until I forced a shut down. The whole while it was doing this, nothing posted on monitor. I removed new ram and it worked fine again. In my motherboard manual, it has this table for the memory: UDIMM Memory Slot Frequency (Mhz) A1 A2 B1 B2 - SR - - 2933 - DR - - 2667 - SR - SR 2667 - DR - DR 2400 SR SR SR SR 2133 SR/DR DR SR/DR DR 1866 I need a bit of help understanding this, but I think I get most of it. Does it mean that if I want to run 4 sticks of ram, I need to lower the speed down to 1866? If that's what I need to do (which is what I think), then how do I lower before putting the new ram in? Also, what do the SR and DR mean?
  8. I just upgraded the RAM on my PC. While doing it I had to remove the cpu cooler and reposition it because one edge got in the way of the 1st RAM slot. I just did everything and turned the PC on. The power LED came on as well as the fan, but nothing posted. It went like that for about 20 seconds, then everything turned off for 2 seconds then started up again, still nothing on the monitor. It countinued to do this for some time until I forced a shut down, tried again, and the same thing happened. Very worried about my computer because it's expensive, please help.
  9. No, i will try but wire might not be long enough
  10. and mine is just a cheap pair of headphones from sony, not meant for gaming or anything
  11. Just built my new pc, played a game and i noticed that my audio is much different than on my old pc. I used to play on another pc, much worse one and the audio was better though. I'm using the exact same headphones, but on my new computer it seems a lot harder to tell the direction sound is coming from and overall it just sounds lower quality. I'm wondering maybe because its a cheap case so the audio port might be worse. Anyone have any idea?
  12. got it all fixed and everything is working well
  13. I flashed the wrong BIOS onto my card and it wasn't turning on, but then I just discovered that there is a small switch to go back to old BIOS. I hit the switch and now its booted which I'm happy about. But I still think I need to update the BIOS on the card. It's a secondhand card and the person I bought it from has the right BIOS for the card. I'm just not too sure about flashing it again because if I mess up again, I'm not sure if I can use the switch again. So my question is, what should I do and also, if I mess up BIOS flash again, am I able to use the switch again?
  14. there was only 2 options and mine was the red dragon one so i chose that one, so it couldn't really have been the wrong bios https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?architecture=AMD&manufacturer=Powercolor&model=RX+570&interface=&memType=&memSize=&since= think i will remove graphics card and use my integrated vega graphics to make sure everything is ok besides gpu, then i will take to a computer shop for help. If it costs too much to fix, just going to return the card since there were initial driver problems and its second hand